DAB+ digital radios

A Quick Take on DAB+ Digital Radios

By getting a head unit upgrade, you’ve taken your infotainment system to the next level from that basic radio and display. Yet, you should not stop there! Enhance your in-car audio experience with access to more radio stations and better sound quality by switching to the soon-to-be ubiquitous DAB+ technology and DAB+ digital radios. 

And we at Vhedia got your back on this!

What is DAB+? 

DAB+, or Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus, is a new radio broadcasting standard that uses digital audio compression technology to produce superior audio quality and to offer a broader range of radio stations than traditional analog radio. This technology also allows for more precise transmission and, thus, lesser signal interruptions. DAB+ is an upgraded version of the original DAB standard developed in the 1990s. 

DAB+ digital radios

DAB+ is now widely used in many countries worldwide, including Australia. It is used in some cars, portable radios, and smartphones, allowing people to enjoy high-quality radio broadcasts on the go.

Where can I get DAB+?

DAB+ is available in most major metropolitan areas in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Darwin.

The number of DAB+ radio stations available varies depending on your location, but most major cities offer a wide range of stations, including commercial, community, and public broadcasters.

DAB+ digital radios

In addition to traditional radio stations, several digital-only radio stations are available exclusively on DAB+, such as Double J, ABC Jazz, and KIX Country.

The Australian government has also announced plans to phase out analog radio transmissions and switch to digital radio by 2025, with DAB+ being the primary digital radio standard. This means that the availability of DAB+ is likely to expand in the coming years, making it an increasingly important platform for radio broadcasting in Australia.

Why should I use DAB+ Digital Radios?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a DAB+ digital radio:

  1. Better sound quality: Enjoy clearer, crisper audio with fewer interruptions due to interference or poor reception.
  2. More stations: With a DAB+ digital radio, you can access a broader range of radio stations than traditional FM radio, including niche and specialist stations that may not be available on an analog radio.
DAB+ digital radios
  1. Additional information: DAB+ broadcasts often include artist and song information, news headlines, and weather updates. This can be displayed on your radio’s screen, allowing you to stay informed and entertained while listening to your favourite radio stations.
  2. Energy-efficient: DAB+ digital radios require less power to transmit than analog FM radio, making it a more energy-efficient option for broadcasters. This means they are better for the environment and may help reduce broadcasting costs in the long run.
  3. Future-proof: As digital radio technology improves, it will likely become the standard for radio broadcasts in many regions worldwide.

Will a DAB+ digital radio function with a Vhedia Head Unit?

Yes, DAB+ can work with a Vhedia head unit!

Through these Vhedia DAB+ digital radio add-on devices, you can now connect your head unit to the digital radio space. Plug these into an auxiliary input or a USB port and be ready to hear a new listening experience.

DAB+ Digital Radio Add On

DAB+ digital radios
Vhedia DAB+ digital radio add-on

USB DAB+ Radio Module

Vhedia DAB+ USB radio module

How to make DAB+ digital radios work?

Here are some video guides to help you get started using your DAB+ digital radio:

Will DAB+ digital radios die out soon?

There is no indication that DAB+ is going to die out anytime soon. It continues to be adopted in more countries worldwide and is becoming increasingly popular with listeners. While there may be other emerging technologies that could eventually replace DAB+, it is likely to remain a popular and widely used digital radio standard for the foreseeable future. 

Thus, your decision to install a DAB+ digital radio on your vehicle is one of the best you can make today and deserves a bottle or two. Cheers! 

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