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Why at VHEDIA we do what we do!

We exist as we found there to be a gap in the market for quality full range vehicle media systems at great prices to replace those old tired systems or even new basic systems!  Your head unit should be the centre of your vehicle and can be used for many things. All the main aftermarket audio brands have fallen behind and try to lock you into their simple operating systems which do not offer a full range of apps and coverage. This is why our head units are supplied with Android operating system installed so you get the freedom you need

A perfect fit for your Vehicle

Designed to look Factory Installed

From Head Units, Cameras, Head Rest Monitors and anything to do with your vehicle media system we have your covered with that latest technology to suit your vehicle and look like it was installed from factory. 

Technology moves fast

Why a new head unit?

Two cases when you may have a head unit that needs to replaced. We have older cars that still have their original media head unit in them which with todays technology needs to be updated or even the newer cars that have a head unit that is simple compared to what we offer or what is offered today in high end vehicles.

We are focused on offering direct to consumer head units and vehicle media systems that are backed by video guides and our dedicated support so you can be sure that you will be able to install it yourself and we always just a click away if you need any support. 

We sell technology so our focus is quality and offering the latest products. We are not here to be the cheapest as we want to offer systems that blow your mind and give you satisfaction everyday when you turn you vehicle on. 

Where are here for you

Why buy from Vhedia

We are here with stock in Australia and we get some many customer contacting us who have either got a unit from another company that did not work and they never got their money back, they got a unit that is slow or they have a unit that is missing parts for that model.

Reasons to buy from us:

  • Australian Company with Australian Stock.
  • Australian Support just give us a call.
  • High quality units, yes they may be more than others that look the same but it is what is inside that counts. 
  • Full install kits with all the things/plugs you need. 
  • We are here to support you always!
  • 3 Year warranty just contact us with any issues and we will sort it out. 
  • Epic Add ons and apps.
  • Always updating and improving what we offer in terms of hardware and software. 


So good my new head unit means I know have a reverse camera, OBD2 Gauges and wireless Apple Car Play. Was happy to get read of the extra devices I had on my dash for old cameras for caravan etc.
Andrew Crass
Was going to get new speakers after this unit went in but once it was installed I did not have to. The sound quality has improved so much. Did not think the factor speakers in a ute would sound this good. Cheers Guys
Paul H
Perth, WA
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