Fakra plug

All about the Fakra Plug and your Car

Incredible automotive technology fills all of today’s cars – head units, GPS, cameras and digital radios to name a few. You can even connect to the internet inside your vehicle now! These features are part of a complicated car electronics system, though. And could be complicated to figure out if you plan a DIY fix for your vehicle. Thank goodness for the FAKRA plug standard.

Fakra plug
Fakra plugs and jacks

The Fakra standard and the Fakra plug

The German company Rosenberger created the FAKRA (FAchKReis Automobil or specialist group automobile) plug connection system to help against mistakes when linking car electronics. The Fakra standard became the benchmark for high-performance and low-cost connectors used mainly for digital radios (SDARS), GPS, Key-less entry systems, satellite radios, Bluetooth, radio antennas and head units in vehicles.

The Fakra connecting system consists of a plug and jack that snaps onto a plastic push-on adapter. These connectors work up to 6 GHz and, presently, have a couple of variants. The Fakra 1 variant is mainly used for radio antennas. On the other hand, Fakra 2 is the benchmark design for current connectors.

How to use the Fakra plug system?

The first 13 Fakra, which have distinct colours and designs, will only fit the corresponding layout. Also, each connection has a specific function or application assigned to it. Meanwhile, the 14th connection (code z: water blue) has neutral coding and will match any Fakra connector. 

Plug / JackCodeApplicationColourRAL-No.
AAnalogue radio without supply voltageJet black9005
BAnalogue radio with supply voltageCream9001
CGPS, navigationSignal blue5005
DGSM (mobile) telephoneClaret violet4004
ETV 1Leaf green6002
FTV 2Nutbrown8011
GRadio remote control, central locking systemBlue-gray7031
HGPS, navigationHeather violet4003
IRadio remote control, stationary heating or BluetoothBeige1001
KRadio with Antenna DiversityCurry1027
LNot definedCarmine red3002
MNot definedPastel orange2003
NNot definedPastel green6019
ZNeutralWater blue5021
source: https://www.delock.com/infothek/FAKRA_HSD/fakra_hsd_e.html

Fakra connectors with aftermarket head units?

Perfectly compatible with Fakra plugs are Vhedia’s aftermarket Android head units. In particular, the adaptors on the Eze wire kits included in each Vhedia head unit install kit already adapt the Fakra standard of automotive electronic connectors. 

Vhedia Eze wire kit
Vhedia Eze wire kit included in each head unit install kit

So, if you own a vehicle (especially those produced after 2005), you will sleep well knowing you’ll have no problem connecting your new head unit to the OEM connectors on your vehicle, especially if you got yours from Vhedia!

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