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Amigo GPS Navigation

AmiGO GPS Navigation App: Your new friend on the road

Do you use any traffic navigation app like Waze or Google Maps? Do you regularly project them on your head unit? Well, good news for you! TomTom’s AmiGO GPS Navigation app is now available on Android Auto.

AmiGO GPS navigation app logo
TomTom’s AmiGO GPS navigation app

About our new AmiGO

Opening up its ecosystem to both organic and third-party apps was always the draw to Android. Whether you’re looking for a photo editing app or an audio effect program, Google Playstore would sure have multiple choices on their catalouge. The same can be said with AmiGO, as this becomes the newest navigation app alternative offered to Android Auto users. 

AmiGO functions similarly to Google Maps and Waze (which is also owned by Google) in that it gives users information on the best road route to their preferred destination. In addition, it also provides real-time alerts on speed cameras, closed and blocked roads, traffic and road hazards (e.g. flood, snow, etc.), and other incidents/accidents along your course.

TomTom’s flagship navi-app is also free and, similar to Waze, boasts of more than half a billion drivers. And they help provide the most accurate information on the road. The best thing about this app, though, is that its Amsterdam-based developer has no plans to put in ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions in the near future! Now, that’s staying true to the distraction-free driving goal of Android Auto.

AmiGO GPS Navigation app
AmiGO GPS navigation app

Our Final Word on the AmiGO GPS Navigation app

As always, alternatives to established products are always good for the end-users. It gives us the power of choice and spawns innovations that benefit us further in the future. So expect more updates and newer apps introduced soon, as Android Auto continues to develop its platform.

We, at Vhedia, are excited to try and see this app shown on our head unit. We’d also like to compare the experience with the apps we use now. If you’re an Android Auto user too, why don’t you share what you think of it with us. If you’re not, read more about it here.

And if your head unit still can’t play Google’s hands-free driving platform, then you need to get an upgrade, AmiGO!

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