Android Auto Games

Android Auto Games: “Hey Google, play a game”

What is your go-to solution when you’re bored during a long ride? Eating? Play your favourite tunes? Listen to a podcast? Now, playing Android Auto games while on your vehicle is now possible! 

Google Assistant Games

Earlier this year, Google announced major upgrades to their car infotainment system platform that runs via Android Auto. What caught our attention (more than the new custom wallpapers, privacy screen, and custom shortcuts) is the launch of Google Assistant-based games like “Jeopardy” and “Trivia Crack”

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Aside from helping you navigate, play music, make calls, read and compose messages, and schedule tasks, Google’s voice-enabled AI now has an additional way to keep you company while driving with these games.

Start the game by saying “Hey Google, play a game”. You’ll then go through the game using only voice commands to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel. 

Touchscreen Android Auto Games

These Google Assistant games were great ways to pass time while you are driving. But how about when you’re parked and while you pick up the kids from school? Well, a couple of months ago, Google launched a bunch of touchscreen-enabled Android Auto games for you to enjoy while idling in your vehicle.

Created by GameSnacks, a web-based gaming platform from Google’s incubation hub Area 120, these games transform your head unit into an entertainment tablet. 

Android Auto Games
Android Auto games

To access the games, you need to click on the GameSnacks icon on the main screen. Then, you can choose from eight mini-games to play:

  • 2048 Giant
  • Bubble Woods
  • Cannonballs 3D
  • Find 500 Differences
  • Onet Connect Classic
  • Pin The UFO
  • Unblock That
  • Zoo Boom

A few things to remember, though, before the kid in you gets all excited playing these games. One, you need to be connected to the internet to play these games. Two, your head unit should have touchscreen capability. And finally, Android Auto won’t let you open the games unless your vehicle is in “Park” mode (to maintain driver safety).  

Android Auto Games, GameSnacks
GameSnacks touchscreen games for Android Auto

You can try out the games on the GameSnacks site here. From our experience, it is definitely a cool and relaxing way to pass time inside the car. And it works for all ages, too!

Want to Download other Games?

Unfortunately, Android Auto, for now, is limited to these games. However, if you want to bring more games into your car infotainment system, then you can opt for an Android head unit. 

These aftermarket devices can replace your OEM dash and work much like a normal Android tablet. Aside from giving you access to apps available on Android Auto such as Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, WhatsApp, and Pandora, an Android head unit gives you full access to the apps available on Google PlayStore

In Australia, if you want to upgrade to an Android head unit, you can check our shop here at VHEDIA. We are a Perth-based direct-to-consumer vehicle media systems’ provider that offers quality aftermarket head units for a wide range of vehicle brands and models. Aside from having access to the Android open-source platform, our devices are also Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible. So, don’t worry if you want to use those programs. 

Vhedia Head Unit, Android Head unit
Vhedia Android Head Unit

Our Final Word

There will come a time when spending time inside your car, whether on standstill or on the road, can get a bit boring. Right? Here is where the value of a solid car infotainment system comes in. Still, we should always be responsible drivers and play these Android games at the proper time. Always, always, keep your eyes on the road! 

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