Audible on Apple Carplay

Audible on Apple Carplay: Bookworming on the Road

Maximise your listening experience by having an app that allows you to continue your book worming while on the road. If you’re a person who loves reading but can’t do much these days due to your busy schedule, shifting to listening to audiobooks sounds like a good option – and Audible on Apple CarPlay makes the transition smoother for you.

Audible on Apple Carplay

Who is Audible?

Audible began as a company that sold a portable media player called Audible Player in the late 90s. This device can store up to 4MB of audio files for your consumption. 

They then moved to the digital space in 2003 and secured an exclusive agreement with Apple to provide the latter’s users with audiobooks. In 2008, Amazon bought Audible for US$ 300 million. 

These deals expanded their service from offering simple narrated books to enlisting A-list Hollywood actors and actresses as voice talents while adding more radio shows and podcasts to their list of programs. 

Moreover, Audible’s work on the industry is consistently cited for having made audiobook narration a new mainstream art form.

Today, Audible is one of the top producers and sources of audio content like audiobooks and podcasts worldwide. They have over 200,000 titles and shows from different publishers and creators. And these include Audible originals that they create round the clock on their New Jersey headquarters.

What is in Audible?

Once you download the Audible app and sign up for an Amazon account, you can access the library to purchase the majority of Audbile’s titles. Meanwhile, you also get to enjoy the following features:

  • Download any title and listen to it OFFLINE.
  • Avoid getting lost in your listening adventure by using the SLEEP TIMER.
  • PREVIEW a book before downloading it.
  • Set the NARRATION speed that will suit you.
  • LISTEN FROM ANY DEVICE as long as you use the same Audible account.
  • The best thing: AD-FREE EXPERIENCE.

However, to maximise your Audible experience, you need to sign up for their membership subscription. Here you’ll get the following:

  • 30-DAY free trial.
  • MONTHLY CREDIT for any title on the library.
  • Access to the PLUS CATALOGUE – includes Audible Originals and other exclusive content.
  • Member-only DISCOUNTS and DEALS. 

Why Audible on Apple CarPlay?

Aside from the features mentioned above, Audible gives you access to your favourite books, podcasts, and talk shows while you’re on the road. Since it is available on Apple CarPlay, you need to link your smartphone with your car’s head unit via cable or Bluetooth. Then, wait for the devices to sync so you can access your Audible library. 

If you’re planning for a long drive, expecting heavy traffic to and from work, or you don’t want to miss the plot twist on the next chapter, be all the bookworm you wish to be on the road by downloading the Audible app today. 

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