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New with Android 12

What’s New with Android 12?

Last October, Google released the full, updated version of its mobile operating system – Android 12. So what’s new with Android 12? And for drivers, how does it affect your Android head units and/or Android Auto? Android 12 Features 1. The most significant improvement Android 12 brings to the platform is its user interface.  Users […]

What is a Reverse Squawker Alarm, and Why Use It?

Do you have a backup alarm on your vehicle? Did you ever have someone in the neighbourhood complaining of the noise it creates? Then, you need to replace it with a Reverse Squawker Alarm asap! What is the noise? Everyone has probably heard how loud the alarm sound whenever a truck reverses.  This can be […]

phone car charger

Why Do You Need A Phone Car Charger?

Why is a phone car charger needed when operating your head unit? We’ll try to answer this question and add ways to manage better your connected devices (and prevent hassles during your drives) Why is using wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto an issue? Why do you need to use a car charger? With the […]

still stuck in traffic

Still Stuck in Traffic (and what you can do during)

We’ve all been there – rush hour, a line of cars for kilometres, stomach grumbling, and you’re late for dinner with your partner. And you’re just wondering, in the vast loneliness of your car, ”why am I still stuck in traffic?”. Why are we still stuck in traffic? It is a fair assumption that most […]

Audible on Apple Carplay

Audible on Apple Carplay: Bookworming on the Road

Maximise your listening experience by having an app that allows you to continue your book worming while on the road. If you’re a person who loves reading but can’t do much these days due to your busy schedule, shifting to listening to audiobooks sounds like a good option – and Audible on Apple CarPlay makes […]

TomTom Amigo on Android Auto

TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto, what’s new with you? 

If you’re one of those who like to explore alternative mobile app options, then you may have heard of TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto. It is one of the best navigation apps available on the market today. And now, it gets better with the newest updates it got. The app offers the same capabilities as […]

Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

In this article, we’ll give you a guide on how to do a Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia head unit installation. Before we start, though, you might need these tools on hand: Flathead screwdriver Electrical tape Bolt remover Masking tape Factory head unit, airconditioning and frame removal Attach some masking tape along the side of the […]

Head unit upgrade for your Landcruiser 79

79 Series Landcruiser Head Unit Upgrade

For this article, we’ll discuss 79 series landcruiser head unit upgrade and why you should do a head unit upgrade for your Landcruiser 79. Yes, THE Toyota Landcruiser 79 – the classic 4WD admired by both experts and enthusiasts in Australia and other countries.  79 series landcruiser head unit upgrade, but why a head unit […]

Google Maps now Available Offline

Google Maps Now Available Offline Too

Take it from us. Nothing is more frustrating than suddenly losing map directions in the middle of your drive. And most of the time, it’s because of a patchy internet connection. But now, there is one less thing to worry about on the road with Google Maps now available offline.  Yes, you heard that right. […]

Google Maps Go

Going Lite with Google Maps Go

Google released a Google Maps version that will benefit those with smartphones with limited memory capacity. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s called Google Maps Go. The app is a “lighter” version of Google Maps, taking up less memory space (2.3MB only!) and designed to work even with an unreliable internet connection. Still, you […]

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