Vhedia LED headlight globes

LED Headlight Globes – Brighten your Drive Today

A few metres more visibility at night, on fog or heavy rains/snow, can spell the difference between arriving home safely or figuring in an unfortunate road mishap. Thus, we should always take every opportunity to upgrade our vehicle accessories to make our travels much safer. And installing new LED headlight globes BRIGHTEN your prospect of […]

hyundai iload head unit upgrade

I Love a Hyundai iLoad Head Unit Upgrade

We all appreciate the versatility, reliability, durability, and cargo capacity of the Hyundai iLoad – making it a popular choice for Aussie businesses, big or small. But what if we tell you you can further maximise its overall capability? Exciting, right? Then, you’ll love an iLoad head unit upgrade! Why does an iLoad need a […]

Multivan head unit upgrade

Multivan Head Unit Upgrade: Can your VW Multivan Be More?

The Volkswagen Multivan is a versatile and popular MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) in Australia. It is known for its spacious interior, flexible seating options, and various features that make it suitable for family and commercial use. But could you get more from it? Would a Multivan head unit upgrade help? And is it worth it? What […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Head Unit Upgrade

Jeep Grand Cherokee Head Unit Upgrade: A High-Performance Transformation

Are you ready to take your Jeep Grand Cherokee to the next level? With a high-performance Android head unit, the answer is right at the touch of your fingertips. Designed to enhance your driving experience, getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee head unit upgrade transforms your vehicle from having a basic console into a mobile entertainment […]

Ford Focus Head Unit Upgrade

Think Straight: It’s Time to Do a Ford Focus Head Unit Upgrade

We all know that the Ford Focus is an agile, compact, fuel-efficient, affordable everyday sedan. These are all good, but we think you’re still not unleashing the full potential of this car. So, you need to think straight. It’s time for a Ford Focus head unit upgrade! Upgrade your Focus with a high-performance head unit […]

Suzuki Jimny head unit upgrade

Suzuki Jimny Head Unit Upgrade: A Needed New Look

Aussies fancy Jimnys because of its iconic design, rugged features, compact size, and off-road capabilities. Yet, its factory dashboard looks basic and lacking. Agree? Then, you need a new look for your car. You need a Suzuki Jimny head unit upgrade today! Benefits of a Jimny head unit upgrade Upgrading the head unit in your […]

An FJ Cruiser Head Unit Upgrade: A Want or Need?

A wicked dilemma: Do I WANT an FJ Cruiser head unit upgrade or NEED it? To answer this, you have to decide based on the following factors:  Whether an FJ Cruiser head unit upgrade is a want or need depends on your specific requirements and priorities. Evaluate your audio, connectivity, budget, and aesthetic preferences to […]

Toyota Corolla Head Unit upgrade

Toyota Corolla Head Unit Upgrade: A New Look to a Best-Selling Sedan

Can you imagine a better Toyota Corolla? We can! And we’ll tell you the secret – you can still enhance your in-car entertainment and infotainment experience with this car. It’s time to get a Corolla head unit upgrade! Corollas in Australia The Toyota Corolla is a popular and well-liked car model in Australia. It has […]

Vhedia OBD2 Basic Scan Tool

Vhedia OBD2 Basic Scan Tool: Car Diagnostics Made Easy

Every head unit kit you purchase from Vhedia comes with a dongle called the Vhedia OBD2 basic scan tool. Every head unit kit you purchase from Vhedia comes with a dongle called the Vhedia OBD2 basic scan tool. Maybe some of you are familiar with this device. Nevertheless, we’ll give you a general rundown of […]

make apps perform faster

Make Apps Perform Faster on Your Head Unit

It doesn’t matter if you have a technologically-updated car infotainment system when the apps installed on it run like a sedan on a muddy outback trail. So for this article, we’ll try to give you some simple tips to make apps perform faster – whether you’re using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or an Android-powered head […]

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