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caravan wifi router

Caravan WiFi Router – Wireless Network in your Van

Are you ready to take your caravan to the next level? Then, it’s time for you to install a caravan WiFi router.

But first, let us answer this question. 

Why do you need WiFi on your Caravan?

With most things being online these days, you need to provide a network to allow your devices to access the internet – much like the WiFi network in your home or the office. This is where a wireless internet router inside your vehicle comes in handy.

Such a device will enable you to access the internet anywhere reached by the same network you use for your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is to set up the device, insert a SIM card and mount it near your vehicle’s power source. Afterwards, you can connect multiple devices inside your caravan like smart televisions, laptops, tablets, alarms, smartphones, etc. 

Imagine this scene inside your caravan.

How does a caravan WiFi router work?

Most caravan WiFi routers today use a SIM card to access the internet. Like smartphone plans, you get a data allocation based on what you purchased for a certain period. The data pool you have from your caravan WiFi router will be shared by the devices you connect from your vehicle. 

The advantage of caravan WiFi routers versus phone tethering is the speed of the internet connection it provides. With a wireless router, you can now connect multiple devices without sacrificing the speed of the connection – invaluable when you are on a camping trip with family or friends. 

How do I get this caravan WiFi router?

At Vhedia, we now offer an internet solution for your caravan WiFI needs – a portable wireless router known as CARA-FI. 

Caravan wifi router
Your best option for a caravan wifi router – the CARA-FI

The CARA-FI provides up to 300Mbps of internet data to multiple devices, an upgrade from your smartphone data tethering. It functions as a 3G and 4G WiFi router and will work with all the popular mobile networks in Australia (though we included a Boost sim on the kit so you can get started asap). 

In addition, Vhedia’s caravan WiFi router is made for the outdoors:

  • It consumes only 12V of power so you can power up more devices inside your caravan.
  • With four (4) detachable antennas, signal coverage reaches up to 50 meters from your caravan.
  • Since you can choose your network provider, you also select the plan that will fit your needs. 
  • Easy to install and set up. Everything is in the kit – both hardware and software. 
  • It is built for the outback and is portable enough to fit on all your carry-on devices. 

All you need to do is find the perfect spot on your van to mount the router (i.e. near a power source, accessible to all devices). 

Did we mention that you can also use the CARA-FI on other vehicles such as cars, utes, trucks, and even in your own home? And if you are towing the van, you can access the internet from your vehicle, which is helpful if you have headrest monitors and maximising your Android head units.

How to Install the CARA-FI?

CARA-FI set up video
  1. Screw-in the antennas on their proper slot on the main router unit (i.e. 2.4G antennas onto the 2.4G slots and 4G antennas onto the 4G slots).
  2. Insert your network provider’s SIM card.
  3. Power up the unit. 
  4. Connect your devices.
Vhedia CARA-FI

How to choose the SIM provider (and the set up after)?

Part of the CARA-FI kit is a free Boost mobile SIM card. We included this so you can use the unit right away!

We also recommend Boost mobile as it is the only company that uses Telstra’s entire network, and they offer great prepaid deals. 

Boost mobile Australia has the best prepaid plans.

Still, if you have another network provider, ask them for an extra SIM (and pay an additional charge of about $5.00 per month), and you get to top up the data pool of your current plan. 

But if you choose to go with Boost, here is how you set it up:

  1. Choose a Boost Prepaid plan suitable for you.
  2. Activate your SIM through this link: Enter your SIM serial number, ID and contact details, and choose your Boost recharge options.
  3. Choose a payment method and enter your payment details. 
  1. You’re done! Wait for about four (4) hours to complete the SIM activation. Once the activation is done, insert the Boost SIM on your CARA-FI to start enjoying internet access on your caravan.

 Our Final Word

If you’re ready to raise your caravan experience to newer heights, then it’s time to install Vhedia’s portable wireless caravan wifi router.

The best WiFi option for caravans? You’ve come to the right place in Vhedia – we do vehicle media BETTER!

caravan wifi router
Vhedia CARA-FI
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