driver monitoring system

Eyes On The Road: Vhedia’s Driver Monitoring System

The newest trend in road safety is installing a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) in vehicles. This system uses the latest technology in cameras, sensors, AI (artificial intelligence), and other in-vehicle notification tools to monitor drivers. It ensures they stay focused and alert while on the road. If you’re keen on keeping yourself, your passengers, and […]

Truck Reverse Camera Kit

We Are You’re Backup: New Truck Reverse Camera Kits

VHEDIA’s new Truck Reverse Camera Kits aim to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance for trucks and similar large vehicles. By providing drivers with better visibility and awareness while reversing, these systems help mitigate risks and improve overall road safety, thus maintaining a truck’s high usefulness. Why do you need a truck reverse camera kit? A […]

Vhedia LED headlight globes

LED Headlight Globes – Brighten your Drive Today

A few metres more visibility at night, on fog or heavy rains/snow, can spell the difference between arriving home safely or figuring in an unfortunate road mishap. Thus, we should always take every opportunity to upgrade our vehicle accessories to make our travels much safer. And installing new LED headlight globes BRIGHTEN your prospect of […]

Caravan WiFi


Vhedia’s newest product, the CARA-FI caravan WiFi, is a handy wireless internet router that allows you to have a 4G Wi-Fi network inside your caravan (or any vehicle). If you need to hook up multiple tablets, smart TV or smartphones, and other internet devices to the internet, the CARA-FI is the device you need to […]

Caravan reverse camera kit

Caravan Reverse Camera Kits: Choosing the right one

We look at having choices of similar products as a positive. It allows you to weigh its pros and cons vis-a-vis your needs. You have it with cars, mobile phones, navigation apps, etc. Now, you also have a choice with your caravan reverse camera kits.  We, at VHEDIA, offer a few caravan reverse camera kit […]

caravan wifi router

Caravan WiFi Router – Wireless Network in your Van

Are you ready to take your caravan to the next level? Then, it’s time for you to install a caravan WiFi router. But first, let us answer this question.  Why do you need WiFi on your Caravan? With most things being online these days, you need to provide a network to allow your devices to […]

DAB radios

Have You Heard of DAB Radios for vehicles?

Do you want to access a dozen more radio stations with better sound quality than a standard radio? This promises a more enjoyable drive and raises your in-car entertainment a hundredfold. So, have you heard of DAB radios? What are DAB radios? DAB (or Digital Audio Broadcasting) works by converting analog audio to a digital signal […]

DAB + Digital Radio

DAB+ Digital Radio: Vhedia Head Unit Add-On

In this article, we’ll discuss how to install the DAB+ digital radio module onto your Vhedia head unit. I. Adding the DAB app to your head unit display Plug in the USB port of your Vhedia head unit the DAB installer included in your kit. On your device, go to APK Installer and click USB. […]

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