driver monitoring system

Eyes On The Road: Vhedia’s Driver Monitoring System

The newest trend in road safety is installing a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) in vehicles. This system uses the latest technology in cameras, sensors, AI (artificial intelligence), and other in-vehicle notification tools to monitor drivers. It ensures they stay focused and alert while on the road. If you’re keen on keeping yourself, your passengers, and […]

Vhedia LED headlight globes

LED Headlight Globes – Brighten your Drive Today

A few metres more visibility at night, on fog or heavy rains/snow, can spell the difference between arriving home safely or figuring in an unfortunate road mishap. Thus, we should always take every opportunity to upgrade our vehicle accessories to make our travels much safer. And installing new LED headlight globes BRIGHTEN your prospect of […]

smart reply on Android Auto

Smart Reply on Android Auto: In-Car Messaging Made Easier

This article will talk about an exciting driving development coming to a car near you – Smart Reply on Android Auto. The promise of a more convenient and safer drive is the promise Android Auto has built on since its inception in 2014. The system’s features include enabling drivers to ‘listen’ to text messages (as […]

android auto in your head unit, android auto coolwalk

A new look for your head unit with Android Auto

The latest major Android Auto update happened last February, with Android Auto 9.0 rolling out. Most of the changes were minor compared to previous updates, yet the update ushered a significant development for this increasingly-important driving app. In this article, we’ll delve into this new look for your head unit with Android Auto.  But first… […]

DAB+ digital radios

A Quick Take on DAB+ Digital Radios

By getting a head unit upgrade, you’ve taken your infotainment system to the next level from that basic radio and display. Yet, you should not stop there! Enhance your in-car audio experience with access to more radio stations and better sound quality by switching to the soon-to-be ubiquitous DAB+ technology and DAB+ digital radios.  And […]

waze app updates

A Few Waze App Updates We Know Now

We, at Vhedia, always try to keep you in the loop about the latest on vehicle media technology. So, aside from offering the most current hardware, we also try to write updates about apps and software running on these devices. One app that we love is Waze, and here are a few Waze app updates […]

find the perfect campsite in Australia

Find the Perfect Campsite in Australia via your Head Unit

You’re all packed and ready with your gear, grill, and a gazillion activities for a weekend outdoors. The kids are excited and your mates promised to join the fun. The only thing to do now is to find the perfect campsite in Australia.  And we have a couple of ways you can do that – […]

Digital Navigation Apps (and more) from TomTom Australia

The in-car digital navigation apps game goes beyond Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. Mobility solutions expert, TomTom, offers a family of navigation apps that still has accurate mapping, live traffic alerts, and 3D views. But these also pack a few more exciting features you might fancy. So let’s get into these navigation apps from […]

front camera for cars

Is a Front Camera for Cars Necessary?

We have many tech accessories for our vehicles in front of us – OBD2 scanners, TPMS, cameras, wireless chargers, and WiFi routers. And it is just right that we take advantage of these items to make our driving experience better (and safer). As well as saving on future repairs, maintenance and (hopefully not) medical expenses. […]

camera switch system

You need this Caravan 2nd Camera Smart Switcher

Do you have a 2nd camera on a caravan or trailer, and you want to be able to view this on your Vhedia head unit or display when you go into reverse? When the caravan or trailer is hooked up, do you want to view the caravan camera when you go into reverse and not […]

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