Hema Maps App

Hema Maps App Installed to Vhedia Head Unit

Imagine the convenience of having an offline maps app on your head unit. So, in this article, we’ll explore one app you can use on your Vhedia head unit – the Hema maps app. Go to Google Playstore, and search for “Hema”. We recommend this app for off-road and offline maps of Australia. At this […]

Apple Carplay

Use Apple CarPlay on your Vhedia Head Unit

Do you want to use Apple CarPlay on your head unit? Well, compatibility with the program comes built-in on all Vhedia head units. Now, connect your iPhone to your head unit, either by using a cable or via Bluetooth. To connect via Wireless On the head unit main screen, click on the Bluetooth icon. Then, […]

Android Auto Interface

Connecting Android Auto to Vhedia Head Unit

Wired & Wireless Vhedia head units come with built-in compatibility with Android Auto. After you install the Android Auto app on your mobile device, all that’s left is connecting Android Auto to your head unit- either through wired or wireless connection. This can be tricky for some of you. So here are the steps that […]

Vhedia Head Unit Radio

Vhedia Head Unit Radio Setup

Setting up your Vhedia head unit radio is pretty straightforward. Depending on your vehicle, the kit may come with an antenna adapter to help you get the device to pick up radio signals Here are some tips to get you going: Access your head unit radio by clicking the Radio icon on your main screen. […]

Head Unit Interface

Vhedia Android Head Unit User Interface

We dive deeper into the Vhedia Android head unit now, as today, we’ll talk about its user interface. Android OS The first thing that you should know is that all Vhedia head units have an Android-based operating system (OS). With an Android OS, you get an open-source platform that allows you to download a wide […]

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