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Vhedia OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool

Connecting the OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool to your Head Unit

Each Vhedia head unit kit comes with an OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool. You can plug this device into your vehicle to retrieve and clear fault codes in your engine. This also allows you to show live car data via your head unit.

However, this will only work if your car has the OBD2 protocol, which most petrol cars from 2006 and diesel vehicles from 2007 have.

How to use the OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool?

  1. First, you have to your find your OBD2 port. It is a 16-pin plug found, most of the time, in the area below the steering wheel and above the pedals. A plastic cover could, sometimes, hide the port. You can pull this one out to access the port.

    We also have this guide for help.
  2. Plug in the scan tool in the port. You’ll know if this is working if you see the tool power light turned on.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth icon on the head unit screen and click “Search”. If you see OBDII, click on it then tick the “Bluetooth +” button to pair the two devices.
  4. You can use any OBD2 scan tool app you prefer. They are available for download on Google PlayStore.

    We suggest Torque, Car Scanner ELM OBD2, or FORscan Lite (for Ford and Mazda).
  5. Then, you need to set up the app. For this guide, we’ll use the Torque app.
    • CONNECTION TYPE should be Bluetooth.
    • Choose OBDII when you click on CHOOSE BLUETOOTH DEVICE.
    • Go back to the app home screen and wait for the pairing process to finish.
    • Once you see that the buttons on upper-left part of the screen are not blinking anymore, click on the REALTIME INFORMATION on the screen.

      Here you can see different live gauges of your vehicle including speed, revs, throttle, accelration, etc. You can modify these depending on the gauges you want to see on your dashboard.
    • Return to the home screen and click on FAULT CODES. Engine fault codes (if any) should appear here, and you can clear them if you want to.


This OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool is a handy little device that you can connect to your Vhedia head unit so you’ll get real-time data on your car’s performance.

We have conveniently included one in your head unit kit so you can not just upgrade your car’s infotainment system, you also get to take care of your car better.

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