Digital Navigation Apps (and more) from TomTom Australia

The in-car digital navigation apps game goes beyond Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. Mobility solutions expert, TomTom, offers a family of navigation apps that still has accurate mapping, live traffic alerts, and 3D views. But these also pack a few more exciting features you might fancy. So let’s get into these navigation apps from TomTom Australia. 

Who is TomTom?

TomTom started as a small software company based in Amsterdam. They eventually found their niche in geolocation technology and introduced TomTom Go – the world’s first all-in-one sat nav device for vehicles. 

With an ever-increasing global presence (including in Australia), TomTom has expanded its product line to suit the increasing digital demands in navigation and driving. Aside from the TomTom Go GPS navigation devices, this tech company also powers vehicles with its top-of-the-line digital satnav maps, navigation software, APIs, and mobile apps

TomTom’s Digital Navigation Apps and more

Digital navigation apps have provided unparalleled driving convenience since their introduction to the automotive industry. They are the most accessible mobility solution today in terms of price and function. TomTom has infused its decades of navigation technology expertise and experience into its roster of mobile app products.


GO Navigation Digital Navigation Apps

TomTom’s premium navigation app allows you to use offline maps – a handy feature, especially if you take regular outdoor trips. Aside from that, the Go Navigation app provides users with real-time traffic data, speed camera updates, moving lane guidance, vehicle profiling and points-of-interest search capability

The app is also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible, thus increasing driving convenience and safety. 

It’s exciting to note that the latest version of the app on Apple Carplay now has voice notifications when an alternative route comes up. Also, total traffic delay time now can be seen via the Carplay route bar. 

GO Navigation app interface
GO Navigation app interface

One thing that can go against this app is that you have to pay for one of its subscription plans to enjoy these features. This may turn off some users who can otherwise get SOME of the navigation features for free. 

However, looking at the reviews, current users seem to get value for their money with the app. Plus, a 7-day free trial is on offer so you can test out the app first. 

2. AMIGO App

Amigo digital navigation apps

The FREE alternative to the Go Navigation app is the Amigo app. This offers ALMOST the same features (i.e. real-time traffic data, speed alerts, road warnings, incident reporting, Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility) but with a few differences (i.e. online maps only, simple lane guidance only). 

Still, Amigo works well for day-to-day travel and the basic navigation needs of drivers. . Moreover, traffic updates come from TomTom’s community of drivers helping keep the app data up-to-date. 

Amigo app interface
Amigo app interface

The current version of Amigo on Apple Carplay and Android Auto now has Enhanced Visual Cues which supplements the voice instructions given to drivers during their rides. 

3. GO RIDE App

GO Ride digital navigation apps
GO Ride app

TomTom’s newest GPS app is specially designed for motorcycle riders. The Go Ride app still gives turn-by-turn navigation but raises the driving experience a notch with its three (3) different routing modes as well as allowing you to add unlimited waypoints on the map.

For now, the app is still in the beta testing phase and is only available on Google Play Store. 

GO Ride app interface
GO Ride app interface


MyDrive digital navigation apps

The MyDrive app jumpstarts your daily drive by allowing you to choose your routes and destinations even before starting your vehicle. It also acts as a traffic checker whether you’re driving or commuting around the city. Finally, it enables you to stamp your personal take on the maps you have on your devices.

You can sync the app on your TomTom sat nav device or Go Navigation app to maximise its use. 

MyDrive app interface
MyDrive app interface


Sports digital navigation apps
Sports app

The Sports app is TomTom’s take on integrating its geolocation expertise with the global fitness trend. Its aim is to consolidate your personal performance and health data into one place for easy tracking and analysis. 

Sports app interface
Sports app interface

Our Final Word

We all recognise the convenience familiarity breeds when it comes to tech. The same holds for digital navigation apps. Still, TomTom Australia provides top-notch alternative apps that do not stray away from what we are used to while adding more to our traveling convenience. And if you’re very particular with your data privacy and AD-FREE experience, TomTom apps should be on top of your download list!

Meanwhile, if you want to maximise your TomTom Australia apps for your cars, you need to pair them with quality head units and top-notch devices. Get the latest in technology in vehicle media with VHEDIA’s range of products today and experience a different kind of drive! 

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