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X-Series Downloads

What is the Vhedia X-Series

Vhedia X-Series is our brand name for all of our head units that we sell on our website. Here you will find the most recent Firmware Updates to improve your overall experience with our head units, including up-to-date Apps and much more!

To tell if your head unit is one of X Series ones just check your order email as it will say VH-XXXX so if you had 4 numbers as the SKU then it is our X Series. If you are unsure just jump on our chat and give your name and we can check for you. 

Do I need to update my head unit?

We highly recommend updating your head unit, especially if you’re experiencing bugs or other issues with your overall experience, as this will improve the user experience, optimise performance, and fix bugs. It is also important as we make changes and improves things to give you the best experience that we can. However you will loose saved apps etc as it does a full update of unit. 

Checking What Build Version You Have.

You just need to go into Settings – About Machine – Build Number : Look at the number under here we will put the current build number next to the download buttons below.

Note: Every settings and installed apps by the users will be wiped out and back to default settings.

Zlink – Looks like this

SpeedPlay – Looks like this

File & Guide

1. First are you using the App “Zlink” or “SpeedPlay” as you will need to choose file below to match. Download the file from here and put it on a USB drive. It should be called kupdate and be a zip file once on the USB.

Current Build Number: 202205201602

(reformat USB as FAT32 format if having issues)

2. Turn car on so Head Unit is on and plug USB into one of the Head unit usb ports. A pop up will show on screen choose ok to run update.

3. This will bring up a loading update screen and once this is done the head unit will reboot then once it reboots a screen will pop up staying installing. Wait for these to all say ok then click finish button at the bottom.

4. Hotspot phone to unit so unit has internet or connect to house WiFi. Open speedplay app and send us a photo or the QR code and we will activate it for you. (This step is only needed if changing from Zlink to SpeedPlay)

All done please let us know if any issues

Video Instructions


Would I need a computer to do this?
Yes and also a flash drive reformatted as FAT32 to transfer the files. Our newer kits would have come with a USB flash drive into the kit. 
What's benefits does it bring to my head unit?
  • Improve Microphone
  • Faster reconnection when connecting Carplay/Android Auto
  • Performance Optimisation


A pop-up doesn't appear when I plug in my usb?
  • Make sure the USB is reformatted as FAT32 and is plugged in into the USB port labeled 3G/USB that’s coming from the back of the head unit.
  • Double check the file name and it should be only “Kupdate” not “Kupdate(1)”

Change Log

Date: 26/05/2022

We have just made some changes to the UI and bluetooth firmware and also changed CarPlay/Android Auto App from Zlink to SpeedPlay.

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