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Eyes On The Road: Vhedia’s Driver Monitoring System

The newest trend in road safety is installing a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) in vehicles. This system uses the latest technology in cameras, sensors, AI (artificial intelligence), and other in-vehicle notification tools to monitor drivers. It ensures they stay focused and alert while on the road. If you’re keen on keeping yourself, your passengers, and others on the road safe, you should keep an eye on Vhedia’s newest tech – the AI Dashcam Driver Monitoring System!

What is a driver monitoring system?

A Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is an advanced in-vehicle technology designed to enhance road safety by monitoring eye on the behaviour and condition while driving. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what a DMS does:

Critical Functions of Driver Monitoring Systems

  1. Monitoring Driver Attention

Eye Tracking: Uses infrared cameras and sensors to track the driver’s eye movements, ensuring they are looking at the road ahead and not distracted by phones, passengers, etc.

Head Position: Monitors the position and orientation of the driver’s head to detect if they are looking away from the road for extended periods.

  1. Detecting Drowsiness

Eye Closure: Measures how frequently and long the driver’s eyes remain closed, indicating levels of drowsiness.

Head Nodding: Detects subtle head movements that suggest the driver might be dozing off.

  1. Providing Alerts

Visual and Audible Warnings: If there are symptoms of inattention or drowsiness, visual warnings on the dashboard and audible alarms will alert the driver.

Haptic Feedback: Some systems also use vibrations in the seat or steering wheel to get the driver’s attention.

  1. Facial Recognition

Personalisation: Vhedia’s DMS recognises different drivers and adjusts vehicle settings, such as seat position, mirrors, and climate control, to their preferences. This enhances the driving experience and makes you feel catered to and valued.

  1. Emergency Assistance

Medical Emergencies: Advanced systems can detect if the driver is incapacitated (e.g., due to a heart attack or stroke) and can take actions such as slowing down the vehicle, turning on hazard lights, and contacting emergency services.

Driver Monitoring System

What tools does a Driver Monitoring System use?

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) are various tools and technologies that monitor and analyse driver behaviour to ensure safety and prevent accidents. Here are essentially tools and components commonly used in DMS:


Infrared Cameras monitor the driver’s face and eyes, even in low-light conditions. They can track eye movements, blinking patterns, and gaze direction to detect drowsiness and distraction​​.

Driver-Facing Cameras: Positioned to capture the driver’s head and facial movements, these cameras provide real-time data on the driver’s attention and state of alertness​.


Infrared Sensor: These are often used with infrared cameras to accurately detect eye and facial movements.

Steering Wheel Sensors: Measure the pressure and movement applied to the steering wheel, indicating fatigue or inattention if the driver is erratic​.

Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Facial Recognition Algorithms: Used to identify individual drivers and customise vehicle settings based on the detected driver. These algorithms analyse facial features to detect signs of drowsiness or distraction​. 

Behavioural Analysis: AI and machine learning algorithms process data from cameras and sensors to assess real-time behaviour. This includes recognising patterns that indicate drowsiness, distraction, or impaired driving​​.

Alert Systems

Visual Alerts: Display warnings on the dashboard or head-up displays to alert the driver of detected issues.

Audible Alerts: Sound alarms will immediately catch the driver’s attention if signs of inattention or drowsiness are detected.

Haptic Feedback: Uses vibrations in the seat or steering wheel to alert the driver physically. Some systems might even spray a harmless mist to wake a drowsy driver​.

Integrated Vehicle Systems

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB): Automatically applies brakes if the system detects a high risk of collision and the driver does not respond to alerts​.

Lane Keeping Assistance: Helps keep the vehicle within lane markings if the driver shows inattention or drowsiness.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Adjusts the vehicle’s speed based on traffic conditions and driving behaviour to maintain a safe driving environment.

Data Logging and Reporting

Telematics Systems: These systems record and analyse driving behaviour over time, providing detailed reports on driver performance and safety incidents​

Driver Performance Apps: Allow drivers to review their behaviour and receive feedback, helping them improve their driving habits​.

driver monitoring system

Why do you need a DMS today?

Let us look at important reasons why you need to install a DMS on your vehicle asap:

Preventing Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness

Driver fatigue and drowsiness are significant contributors to road accidents. DMS can detect signs of drowsiness, such as slow blinking, head nodding, and prolonged eye closure, and alert the driver to take a break, thus preventing potential accidents​​.

driver monitoring system

Reducing Distracted Driving

Distracted driving poses a severe safety risk, whether due to mobile phone use, interacting with passengers, or other in-vehicle distractions. DMS can monitor the driver’s gaze and head position to detect when they are not paying attention to the road and provide timely alerts to refocus their attention​.

Enhancing Emergency Response

A DMS can detect abnormal driving behaviours and initiate emergency procedures in medical emergencies, such as becoming incapacitated due to health issues. These might include slowing down the vehicle, activating hazard lights, and alerting emergency services​.

Improving Road Safety

By continuously monitoring and assessing driver behaviour, DMS helps maintain a high level of driver vigilance, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by human error. This proactive approach to safety can significantly lower the number of road incidents​.

Supporting Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

DMS works with other ADAS features like autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. These systems can function more effectively and safely by ensuring the driver remains alert and attentive​​.

Fleet Management and Efficiency

DMS provides valuable data on the behaviour of commercial fleets, helping fleet managers improve safety standards, reduce accident rates, and ensure compliance with regulations. This can lead to lower insurance costs, fewer vehicle repairs, and improved efficiency​​.

Personalised Driving Experience

DMS can recognise different drivers and adjust vehicle settings accordingly, such as seat position, mirrors, and climate control, enhancing an individual’s driving experience. This provides comfort and ensures drivers are in the optimal position to control the vehicle safely​​.

Where Can You Get a New DMS?

Vhedia AI Dashcam Driving Monitoring System is a compact, all-in-one device with built-in 4G/WiFi/GPS antennas and a 2K front camera. It offers real-time monitoring, ADAS functions, and driver status alerts, ensuring safer and more efficient fleet management. Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, it supports remote monitoring and alerts.

AI Dashcam Driver Monitoring System

Vhedia DMS Features

All-in-one design, fully functional​

    This all-in-one device offers comprehensive functionality, featuring integrated 4G/WiFi/GPS antennas and ADAS/DMS cameras.

    Built-in AI algorithm, support ADAS & DMS algorithm

      Supports forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure warning (LDW), pedestrian detection (PD), front vehicle start alert, and distance monitoring warning. 

      The DMS algorithm detects fatigue, distraction, smoking, phone use, no mask, driver, FACEID recognition, seat belt non-compliance, and camera obstruction. It also offers multi-language voice alerts and customisable AI algorithms.

      Built-in 2K front view camera, support WDR for best image effects​

        The 2K front view camera supports ultra-high definition video recording during vehicle driving, recording full details. Support WDR, excellent day and night effect.

        Fleet Management​

          Vhedia’s Driving Monitoring System supports various alarm recordings and features built-in GPS/4G for remote monitoring and alerts. It includes an intercom function and push-button alarms and supports remote command and dispatch. 

          The built-in G-Force sensor enables post-event analysis to help correct destructive driving behaviours, ensuring efficient fleet management.

          Advanced hardware design​

            The compact and attractive body with large metal lines and multi-sided heat sinks ensures effective heat dissipation and reduced line-of-sight interference. It supports multiple sensors (tyre pressure, temperature, weighing, liquid level, alarms, door, and seat vibration), 2-4 cameras for comprehensive views, and an AI camera for BSD. 

            It also integrates ultrasonic and millimetre-wave radars for warnings, and OBD (CANBUS) collects and uploads vehicle data for fleet management to monitor performance and violations.

            Support iOS/Android phone connection, humanised APP/WebUI control​

              This app supports hotspots iOS/Android Wi-Fi Direct, and there is no need for an extra monitor, video pre-recording, parameter-matching video playback, etc.


                Vhedia’s AI Dashcam features an all-in-one, compact design with built-in AI for ADAS and DMS functions. It is easy to install and offers remote monitoring and alarms for efficient fleet management.

                It is ideal for government supervision, transportation, logistics, and passenger transport, providing intelligent monitoring for trucks, chemical transport, buses, cabs, online vehicles, and ambulances.

                Discover the cutting-edge solutions VHEDIA offers to enhance the safety and efficiency of your fleet. Explore our range of advanced AI Dashcams and sensor systems. Ensure the utmost reliability and performance in your operations. Don’t wait—shop now and upgrade your dashcam today!

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