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Part of the trouble of owning a vehicle is finding a parking spot for it. We all had those moments where we end up late to our appointment just because we can’t find a place to park our car. And you just wish you had a way to reserve a spot in advance to avoid all the inconveniences. 

Finding a Parking Spot with the Wilson Parking App

Do you own an iPhone and have a quality head unit that works with Apple CarPlay? Then be excited as Wilson Parking Australia now brings its iOS app to Apple’s car integration system. With this app, you can now search for a parking spot, reserve it and pay for your booking in as fast as three (3) quick taps using your vehicle’s dashboard display. 

Finding a Parking Spot, Finding a Parking Spot Made Easy
Wilson Parking App

How does  the app work?

  1. It shows the nearby car parks on your chosen destination (up to 12 car parks).
  2. Choose the best spot with the best rate for you and book that in advance.
  3. To pay for the reservation, you can either use Apple Pay, your credit card, or your Wilson One card. Now you also get to skip those ticketing lines once you leave the car park
  4. Once all set, you can also set your route, via Apple Maps, to your destination.
  5. Save your previous bookings using the “BOOK AGAIN”  function to save on time and effort. Now, you always get that favourite parking spot!
Finding a Parking Spot, Finding a Parking Spot Made Easy, Wilson Parking App
Wilson Parking App interface

Benefits of the App

The introduction of this development comes at the perfect time. Restrictions have lessened, and more people are going back to their offices. This means more competition (again) for those valuable parking spaces. Thus, the need to be better prepared when it comes to our daily commute. 

The Wilson Parking app tries to help in this regard by removing one of your everyday worries as you go to work. Now that you’re all set with where to park, you can now focus all your energy on your work. 

The app is not limited to just office parking spaces, though. If you’re going to a restaurant, a theatre, or a supermarket, book your parking spot in advance and save on time looking for one. 

Our Final Word

It really is an exciting innovation to try out, especially if you’ve been on the wrong end of parking troubles many times. If you’ve experienced many times spending more than half an hour just to find a parking spot, then this app is for you. 

So, better get that Apple CarPlay set up, download the app, and get your head unit up and running because finding parking spots, truly, has never been easier! 

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