Waze Errors on Apple CarPlay

Fixing the Waze Errors on Apple CarPlay

Waze came out with version 4.78 last month to fix generic bugs and improve the app’s performance. It should’ve brought more convenience to its millions of users. Instead, headaches have since plagued drivers because of Waze errors on Apple Carplay.

What are the Waze errors on Apple CarPlay?

For one, Waze now lords over the audio settings of other apps on Apple Carplay. If you attempt to increase or decrease the volume in Spotify or Apple Music, you just end up adjusting the voice settings of Waze instead. 

Waze errors on Apple Carplay

This is bothersome, especially if you’re one to switch apps while on the road (i.e., from a music app to your messaging app to your navigation app). 

Also, imagine you want to hear better the voice on the other side of a call, so you push on the volume controls on your steering wheel or head unit. With Waze’s error today, nothing happens with the audio quality of your conversation. You get to increase the sound of the voice assistant on Waze, though.

Then, you also get a display issue on Waze’s interface. The speedometer and the current speed limit do not appear (or are only partially displayed) on the screen on some iPhones. This bug may be a minor annoyance to some but can be dangerous if you only rely on the Waze display to monitor your speed (some people do).

Waze interface

Is there a work-around for these errors?

Yes, there is. However, these are not permanent fixes to the problem. We instead look forward to the app update to finally get rid of these errors.

In the meantime, you can try these solutions to help you get some normalcy out of Apple CarPlay and Waze:

Audio issue

  1. Go to the Apple Carplay home screen. Press the voice control button on the steering wheel, then press it again to close the interface.
    (After doing this, you should be able to adjust the volume of other apps.)
  1. Force quit the Waze app on your iPhone to reboot Apple CarPlay.
    (You might need to do this a few times, though, to be successful.)
  2. Sign out of Waze, then sign in on the app again. 
    (Might not work all the time)
Waze settings

Display issue

  1. Reboot the Apple Carplay by force-quitting the Waze app on your phone. 

Hard reset

When all else fails, you can reset the app by either deleting the app or reinstalling it. You may also type ##@resetapp on the search box and confirm that you’re indeed resetting the app. 

Remember, though, that all account-related data (i.e. account credentials, favourites, history) will be removed by doing the hard reset. 

Our Final Word

We’ve grown more and more dependent on navigation apps such as Waze in the past few years. And with Apple Carplay displaying the app wonderfully on our head units, driving has never been more convenient. 

Still, once in a while, we get these glitches that may ruin our driving experience for a few weeks or until the new update rolls in to fix the problem. We can’t do much about these Waze errors on Apple Carplay

But we can implement these temporary fixes. You may also use other navigation apps as a backup. (e.g. Apple Maps, Google Maps, TomTom Go Navigation, Sygic GPS Navigation, and Maps). 

Whatever you choose, the important thing is to pair your navigation app and Apple CarPlay with the latest-in-technology head unit for a BETTER driving experience. 

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