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Google Maps Go

Going Lite with Google Maps Go

Google released a Google Maps version that will benefit those with smartphones with limited memory capacity. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s called Google Maps Go.

Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go

The app is a “lighter” version of Google Maps, taking up less memory space (2.3MB only!) and designed to work even with an unreliable internet connection. Still, you get the basic features of Google Maps, such as GPS-powered locator, live traffic updates, road directions, public transport information, and points-of-interest details (i.e., restaurants, landmarks, stores, etc.). 

What’s missing in Google Maps Go

To optimise the app, Google has to do away with some features of Google Maps. To be specific, here are what you’ll be missing when using Google Maps Go:

  1. Share real-time location

Google’s Location Sharing feature is turned off. You can’t allow someone to find your location if using the app.

  1. Offline maps 

Downloading and saving the map of an area or place is not allowed in Google Maps Go.

  1. Reporting data problems 

Google Maps Go doesn’t allow users to provide feedback to add or change a location’s description or details. You also can’t report any map problems, incorrect data, Street View issues, or inappropriate reviews about a place.  

  1. Edit location or business information

You can’t publicly add a missing place or landmark or add or edit information (e.g. contact info, address, opening and closing time).

  1. Measure distance between locations

Easily measure the distance between two locations by drawing a line or adding pins between them on your screen. However, this feature is not available on the lite version. 

  1. Add private labels

Personalising location details is unfortunately not available if you’re using this app. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for the turn-by-turn voice navigation feature, you need to download the Navigation for Google Maps Go app separately. 

Our Final Word

Google Maps Go (and the rest of the Android “Go” apps) gives users an easy-to-use alternative app that is free to download and works even with older Android phones (Android 4.4 and later). 

It also gives you the core functionalities of Google Maps and requires only the bare minimum in smartphone features and an internet connection. 

Nevertheless, it all depends on what you need in a navigation app for your vehicle and what you have right now (i.e. OS on Android device, internet stability, etc.). Both are highly reliable apps anyway, so you won’t go wrong either way. 

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