Google Maps now Available Offline

Google Maps Now Available Offline Too

Take it from us. Nothing is more frustrating than suddenly losing map directions in the middle of your drive. And most of the time, it’s because of a patchy internet connection. But now, there is one less thing to worry about on the road with Google Maps now available offline. 

Google Maps

Yes, you heard that right. Even without an internet connection, the app will display road information and directions. Having a map saved on your smartphone will come especially handy on your next trip to the outback or if you’re travelling outside the country soon (where mobile internet can be pretty expensive). 

How to Download Maps?

You’ll find offline Google Maps easy to figure out, as with other Google apps. Have a stable internet connection, search for a city or town on the app, and select Download. Simple as that! 

For bigger cities, though, Google Maps will prompt you to highlight a smaller area to save. Nevertheless, the app will let you know how much memory the map will consume.

Google Maps Now Available Offline
Know the size of the map before downloading

Speaking of memory, the file is saved on your phone’s storage, so take note of the size of the map and the number of downloads you have. On some devices, you will need an SD card for additional disk space. Still, be wary of the available memory you have left as you’re not just using it for Google Maps.

Google Maps stores the data for one year unless you opt to update the maps when you’re connected to the internet.  

Google Maps Now Available Offline
Google Maps offline

Finally, to access the saved maps, go to the Google Maps menu, click Offline Maps. You can also update or delete the maps here. Open the offline map and click on the Edit icon (i.e. pencil image on the screen’s upper-right) to rename the maps.

Access Google Maps offline

What are the Limitations of Offline Google Maps?

Although you can see the saved map details and directions automatically once you lose internet connection, there are some obvious limits to its capabilities. The features that are unavailable when Google Maps is offline are:

  1. Real-time traffic data
  2. Alternate routes
  3. Lane guidance
  4. Map search
  5. Transit, walking and bicycling directions

Our Final Word: Google Maps Now Available Offline

On your next trip, you won’t need to worry that you’ll get lost because you lost your internet connection. With Google Maps now available offline, all you need to do is save your next destination on your phone. Then,  display the map on your head unit (via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto). Even if you don’t have internet access, you can still enjoy a stress-free time behind the wheel. 

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