holden colorado head unit

Have you upgraded your Holden Colorado Head Unit?

Think about how much time we spend driving our car to work. Now think about the extra trips to the shops or how about that day trip you take with friends on the weekend? We spend so much time in our car that we want to make sure we are doing it right, right?  Read below to see how to upgrade your Holden Colorado Head Unit!

holden colorado head unit
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Upgrading your head unit has many benefits and upgrading your head unit to a Vhedia has even more!

Don’t have time to read, how about listening to an audiobook on the way to work?

How about getting some “me” time by listening to a podcast?

Kids getting on your nerves, “Hey Siri/Google, play The Wiggles on Spotify”

Looking for that great off road fishing spot, download the Hema App for directions.

How to Upgrade your Holden Colorado?

As you’ve just read, upgrading your head unit in your Holden Colorado significantly enhances your driving experience and adds some modern features to your vehicle. Here are some steps to consider when upgrading your head unit:


1. Choosing the right head unit

There are many aftermarket head units available on the market for a Holden Colorado. Have a think about what you’re looking for in a head unit? What do you want it to do for you and what’s your budget? Some common features people look for are; Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and smartphone integration.

2. Gathering the necessary tools

Before you start taking things apart, get your trusty tool bag out of the shed. Don’t have one? No problem, your local auto store will have what you need. You only need some basics such as screwdrivers,a basic socket set, wire strippers, and crimping tool. Depending on the brand you go with you may also need a wiring harness and mounting kit, which you can purchase separately. With Vhedia all this is included in your kit, no extras required.

3. Disconnect the old head unit

First, disconnect the negative battery cable to remove the old head unit to prevent electrical damage. Then, take a look at the trim panel surrounding your old head unit. Remove any screws holding the old console in place. Carefully pull the head unit out, not damaging any wires or connectors.

4. Install the new head unit

Before installing it, connect the wiring harness to the unit and then connect it to the vehicle’s wiring. Secure the unit using the mounting kit and any screws or brackets provided.

5. Test the new head unit 

Once you install the new head unit, reconnect the negative battery cable and turn on the ignition to test the unit. Ensure all the functions and features work correctly, including sound quality, radio reception, and Bluetooth connectivity.

How to get that “right” Holden Colorado head unit?

VHEDIA is an Australia-based company that offers quality full-range vehicle media systems at great prices to replace those old, tired or even new-but-basic infotainment systems. Vhedia’s Android-powered head units open your vehicle to more apps, functions and features to give you the freedom and comfort on the road you deserve.

Right now, Vhedia has these head units available for Holden Colorado:

Holden Colorado Head Unit 2012-2016 – My Link

Holden Colorado Head Unit 2012-2016

Holden Colorado Head Unit 2017+

How can you do it?

If you plan to install a DIY Vhedia head unit, it should take just an hour or so. All the tools are already included in the kit, and video guides are available on Vhedia’s Youtube channel

If you still encounter trouble or confusion with all the parts and devices, Vhedia’s ever-ready customer support is just a click away!

Our Final Word

Upgrading your Holden Colorado head unit can be a relatively straightforward process with the right tools and knowledge. And, if you choose the proper head unit, it makes improving your driving experience much easier. 

So, have you upgraded your Holden Colorado head unit?

Holden Colorado head unit
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