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Hema Maps App

Hema Maps App Installed to Vhedia Head Unit

Imagine the convenience of having an offline maps app on your head unit. So, in this article, we’ll explore one app you can use on your Vhedia head unit – the Hema maps app.

  1. Go to Google Playstore, and search for “Hema”. We recommend this app for off-road and offline maps of Australia. At this point, you still need to be connected to the internet.

    There are four (4) Hema Maps apps available: 4×4 Explorer, Hema Explorer, 4WD Maps, and CamperX. Here is how they compare.

    Another good option is the ExplorOz Traveller app.
  2. Install the app you chose (for the video, we chose 4×4 Explorer).

    Note that you need to purchase most of these apps before you can use them.
  3. Open the app from the menu. Since Vhedia units have their own GPS system, the app should show your map position in reference to other 4×4 Points of Interest (POIs).
  4. Options you can explore on the app include:
    • Tracks – stores tracks you travelled on including difficulty, warnings, weather, etc.
    • Trips – save one or more destinations you planned for future reference.
    • Map – your main map screen
    • Folders – repository of saved files
    • Near Me – lets you see roads, landmarks, and other POIs based your current location
  5. Once you click on a POI, you’ll see a general info page about the place, reviews, costs, and photos (not always). You can add information on the pages of these places so you can help out other users.

We’ll be posting more articles and videos about Hema Maps and other apps for your Vhedia head unit. Just make sure to bookmark this page so you’ll be updated.

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