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Hema Maps Apps

Hema Maps Apps: Conquering Off-roads even Offline

It can be a challenge to navigate in areas where there is limited to no access to an internet connection. The solution here is you either dust off those paper maps or get an offline map on your mobile device and your head unit like the Hema Maps apps.

Hema Maps Apps
Hema Maps

Personally, we’d go for the digital option. Not only do you get rid of the need to have an internet connection all the time. But, you’ll also get the convenience of having that map right on your mobile device that you can display straight to your head unit display. 

Who is Hema Maps?

Hema Maps started as a laminating and marine chart-making outfit from Queensland in 1983. They soon moved to mapping, navigation, and publishing, focusing on 4WD driving and off-road destinations. 

4-wheel driving is a big thing in Australia

The company grew into prominence in 1998 when they organised the Great Desert Tracks expedition. And this paved the way for more accurate outdoor maps. And in 2007, they launched Australia’s first portable on-road and off-road navigation system, the Hema Navigator 1 or HN1

Today, Hema Maps’ product portfolio not only includes the traditional paper maps, atlases, guides, and their GPS navigation system. You can also download their mobile navigation apps. Any of these give users access to what the company prides itself in – “Australia’s best multiscale topographic mapping and regional road network” in both online and offline formats.

Hema Maps Apps

Currently, there are three (3) Hema Maps mobile apps available for download.

They are:

  1. 4WD Maps

Gain access to all of Hema Maps’ touring and topographic maps offline. Now, you can travel to any Australian outdoor location, plan and create 4WD routes, drop waypoints, and track your travel. And you can all do this without an internet connection! Just make sure that your device’s GPS is turned on. 

4WD Maps app, Hema Maps Apps
4WD Maps app

If you’re ready to take your 4WD adventures to the next level, then this is the app for you. 

  1. CamperX

Planning on a mainly on-road tour around Australia? Then, you can opt for this app. 

You still get Hema Maps offline capability while gaining access to a broad list of Australian outdoor points of interest (i.e. campgrounds, parks, rest spots, etc.) and with their corresponding guides and location details. 

Hema Maps also keep verifying and updating the information on these POIs, so you get to plan your trip the best way possible.

Camper X app, Hema Maps App
Camper X app
  1. 4X4 Explorer

Off-roading now becomes easier with this Hema Maps app. This is the new generation Explorer line of tools from the company that uses Vector maps (vs Raster maps) which takes up lesser storage space, is scalable, and overall better suited for digital platforms. 

An upgrade from the original Explorer app, it boasts of Hema Maps’ trademark offline map capability that opens up a wide range of 4WD/off-road tracks and detailed points of interest all over Australia (including campsites, parks, rest stops, etc.). You can also plan, plot, record, and share your trip using the app 

4x4 Explorer app, Hema Maps Apps
4×4 Explorer app

Finally, you get the Explorer Maps, Touring Map, Hybrid Map, and Satellite Map for free. You can get more maps and detailed info when you switch to the Pro version. 

Compatibility of Hema Maps Apps

You can download Hema Maps on both iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, the apps are not yet compatible with Android Auto nor Apple CarPlay

Vhedia Head Unit, Android Head Unit

However, if you still want to use and display these apps on your vehicle’s head unit, then you better have an Android head unit like the ones from Vhedia. These head units work on an open-source platform. Therefore, you can download any app (including those from Hema Maps) from Google Playstore and project it on your dash for a more convenient navigation experience.  

Our Final Word

Being outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we would definitely recommend the Hema Maps apps for any explorer out there – whether you’re a newbie off-roader, a casual adventurer, or a serious 4WD traveler. You can check our video feature on the app and its corresponding article to get more of our thoughts on Hema Maps.

Give any of the apps a try for your next Aussie driving adventure, so you can further understand why we are so high on it. And we’d appreciate it if you can share your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheers!

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