Improve your Nissan Patrol

How to Improve your Nissan Patrol Drive?

Ahhhh, the Nissan Patrol. One of the most iconic “big” SUVs in Australia and a few more dozen countries. It is rugged and tough – ideal for off-roading. Yet, still spacious and comfortable to be a family car. Though loaded with several modern tech features (especially the newer models), you might wonder how can you improve your Nissan Patrol. How about having a head unit upgrade?

Improve your Nissan Patrol

Why do you need to do a Nissan Patrol head unit upgrade?

1. More mobile apps inside your car

Most infotainment systems now have music and navigation apps installed (e.g., Google Maps, Spotify, Apple CarPlay, Android and Auto). But what if you can also download your favorite video streaming, messaging, food-ordering or utility apps onto your head unit? Sounds like a pipe dream? Not if you upgrade your head unit ASAP!

Improve your Nissan Patrol

2. It’s more accessible than ever

A product of globalization is the greater accessibility to new car devices and technology. Ten years ago, purchasing an aftermarket head unit would take an arm and a leg. But not today! Multiple stores offer Nissan patrol head unit upgrades, and most are packed with features and fall within a regular driver’s budget.

It’s now a matter of choosing the proper store to get one.

3. Pretty straightforward to do

Same with affordability, upgrading your Nissan Patrol’s head unit can now be done by you in your garage! This saves you hundreds of dollars in installation costs and allows you to have a fulfilling project at the weekend. 

Where can I purchase one?

As mentioned, with the influx of Nissan Patrol head unit upgrade options, you need to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality and value-for-money product. VHEDIA offers the latest Android head unit technology for many vehicle brands and models, including the Nissan Patrol. In addition, it also has other supplemental products to upgrade your vehicle further, video guides, and excellent after-sales support to guide you all the way through. 

All you need to do now is hop on the website and start your Nissan Patrol head unit upgrade journey!

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