hyundai iload head unit upgrade

I Love a Hyundai iLoad Head Unit Upgrade

We all appreciate the versatility, reliability, durability, and cargo capacity of the Hyundai iLoad – making it a popular choice for Aussie businesses, big or small. But what if we tell you you can further maximise its overall capability? Exciting, right? Then, you’ll love an iLoad head unit upgrade!

Why does an iLoad need a head unit upgrade?

Hyundai Iload head uit upgrade
Hyundai iLoad

Upgrading the head unit in your Hyundai iLoad can enhance your driving experience by adding new features, improved audio quality, and modern technology. Specifically, you would WANT or you would NEED an iLoad head unit upgrade because of the reasons below:

Outdated Technology

Older vehicles, including particular models of the Hyundai iLoad, may come with outdated technology in their factory-installed head units. Upgrading can provide access to modern features such as touchscreen displays, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), and advanced navigation systems.

Improved Audio Quality

Factory-installed head units often come with basic audio systems. Upgrading to an aftermarket head unit can improve audio quality, providing better sound reproduction and customisable audio settings.

Enhanced Features

Aftermarket head units often have features that may not present older factory units. This could include voice control, hands-free calling, app integration, etc.

Hyundai iLoad head unit upgrade
Hyundai ILoad

Compatibility with New Devices

Newer head units are designed to be compatible with the latest devices and technologies. Upgrading the head unit can provide seamless integration and connectivity if you have a more recent smartphone or other smart device.

Navigation Upgrades

Some factory-installed navigation systems need to be updated. Upgrading a new head unit with a more advanced navigation system can provide real-time updates, better accuracy, and additional features.

Hyundai centre console
Hyundai centre console


Aftermarket head units often offer more customisation options, allowing you to personalise the look and feel of your car’s infotainment system.

Integration with Other Systems

Upgraded head units may offer better integration with other vehicle systems, such as steering wheel controls, backup cameras, and parking sensors.

Increased Resale Value

Depending on the market, a well-upgraded and modernised infotainment system can add to a vehicle’s resale value.

Where can you get a reliable iLoad head unit upgrade?

If you’re finding your factory in-car entertainment system old, basic, and dull, let us excite you with VHEDIA’s version of a Hyundai iLoad head unit upgrade. Vhedia offers the latest in Android head unit technology that will open up your beloved van to more exciting capabilities in terms of its performance, in-car entertainment, and driving convenience

And with its plug-and-play install kit and reliable customer support, you’ll get your new head unit on your iLoad in no time!

Hyundai iLoad Head Unit 2008-2016

Hyundai iLoad head unit
Hyundai iLoad head unit

Vhedia iLoad Head Unit Installation

Our Final Word

More than focusing on updating the physical aspect of your vehicle, we consider getting a Hyundai iLoad head unit upgrade as improving your driving experience when you get in the seat of this van. When you drive with more convenience (due to access to advanced in-car technology), you feel better whether you have tons to deliver or provide courier service to the outskirts of the city. 

You will surely say “I Love my ILoad!” after you get your new head unit!

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