Isuzu D-max head unit upgrade

Improve your Isuzu D-Max Head Unit

The Isuzu D-Max has been well-received in Australia for its ruggedness and reliability. The pick-up can handle harsh terrain, while its interior is comfortable and well-equipped. But did you know you can do better with this vehicle? It’s time to improve your Isuzu D-Max head unit today!

Improve your Isuzu D-Max Head Unit

Why improve your Isuzu D-Max Head Unit?

Upgrading the head unit in your Isuzu D-Max can provide many benefits. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your D-Max head unit:

  1. Improved sound quality
    Upgrading to a higher-quality head unit can improve sound quality – with more straightforward, detailed audio and stronger bass.
  2. Better connectivity
    Many newer head units offer improved connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary inputs, as well as compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This can make playing music from your phone or other devices more accessible.
Improve your Isuzu D-Max Head Unit
  1. Additional features
    Newer head units often have additional features such as GPS navigation, rearview camera compatibility, and touchscreens. These features can make your driving experience more enjoyable and safer.
  1. Compatibility with newer technology
    If you have an older Isuzu D-Max, your head unit may need to be compatible with newer technology, such as smartphones or streaming services. Upgrading your head unit can ensure access to the latest technology and features – especially with an Android head unit. Open your in-car infotainment system to more apps, functions and more today!
Improve your Isuzu D-Max Head Unit

Where to get a new Isuzu D-Max Head Unit?

VHEDIA offers the latest in Isuzu D-Max head unit technology that is quality-built, affordable, and easy to install. These new infotainment systems will replace your basic dash and console and take your driving experience to the next level with a full range of apps accessible via Android OS and other vehicle media devices included in the kit.

Isuzu D-Max Head Unit 2012-2019

VH 9033WC

Isuzu D-Max Head Unit 2020+


Video Installation Guide

Aside from the dedicated support team that will guide you through the whole process – from purchasing to installation, we also have video guides to help on your Vhedia journey!

​​Isuzu MU-X/D-Max Head Unit Installation 

Our Final Word

Overall, upgrading your Isuzu D-Max head unit can be a worthwhile investment that can improve your driving experience and make your time on the road more enjoyable. So, time to get yours today!

Improve your Isuzu D-Max Head Unit
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