suzuki swift head unit upgrade

Install that Head Unit Quick: Suzuki Swift head unit upgrade

Installing a Suzuki Swift head unit upgrade need not be a day-long affair. Newer head units have a plug-and-play kit; thus, it is possible to enjoy your new infotainment system sooner than later! 

suzuki swift head unit upgrade

However, before you do your DIY project, let us answer a couple of questions you might have.

Why do you need to get a Suzuki Swift head unit upgrade?

There are several reasons why you might consider upgrading the head unit of your Suzuki Swift:

Improved audio quality

One of the main reasons people upgrade their head units is to enhance the audio quality inside their cars. 

More advanced head units often offer better sound reproduction, and you get additional features such as higher power output, built-in equalisers, and better digital-to-analog converters. 

All these can result in more precise and more balanced sound quality.

Expanded audio options

Upgrading the head unit can give you access to a broader range of audio sources and playback options. 

Many aftermarket head units have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and auxiliary inputs, allowing you to connect and play music from your smartphone, USB drives, or other external devices. 

Some units also support streaming services, such as Spotify or Pandora, providing even more audio choices.

Enhanced connectivity 

Newer head units often offer improved connectivity options. Most newer car consoles support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which integrate your smartphone’s functionality with the head unit, providing access to navigation, music, and other apps more seamlessly and conveniently. 

They also facilitate hands-free calling, making and receiving calls while driving safely. 

suzuki swift head unit upgrade

Advanced features and customisation 

Upgrading the head unit can provide access to advanced features and customisation options. 

For instance, you may find head units with touchscreen displays, GPS navigation systems, backup camera support, voice control, and more. These features can enhance your driving experience and make using your car’s audio system more convenient and enjoyable.

Aesthetics and personalisation

Another reason to upgrade the head unit is to enhance the visual appearance of your car’s dashboard. Aftermarket head units often offer sleeker designs and modern aesthetics that can give your interior a more contemporary look.

Where can I get one?

Aussies have grown to love the Suzuki Swift – its compactness, sporty design, fuel efficiency, and affordability endear it to the Australian driving public. Further, its reliability and handling make it a practical choice, especially for urban driving — a great car that deserves the best possible upgrades and enhancements.

suzuki swift head unit upgrade

Vhedia is an Australian company that recognised the need for quality aftermarket head units that are quality-made yet still accessible to most drivers in the country who dream of getting that infotainment system upgrade. Included in its product menu are Suzuki Swift head units from 2006 onwards. 

You can click the link to explore these options: 


VH-80095: SUZUKI SWIFT HEAD UNIT 2011-2017


Vhedia’s Suzuki Swift head unit upgrades also come with a plug-and-play kit so you can finish installation before you finish that 2nd pint of beer! 

Suzuki Swift 2011-2017 Head Unit Installation
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