front camera for cars

Is a Front Camera for Cars Necessary?

We have many tech accessories for our vehicles in front of us – OBD2 scanners, TPMS, cameras, wireless chargers, and WiFi routers. And it is just right that we take advantage of these items to make our driving experience better (and safer). As well as saving on future repairs, maintenance and (hopefully not) medical expenses. One such essential accessory is the front camera for cars.

front camera for cars

What is a Front Camera for cars?

As the name suggests, this is a vehicle camera mounted on the front of the dash to allow drivers to see any curb, critter or chap within sight of their windshield. It helps you avoid damage to your cars and disasters due to accidents. A car front camera removes dangerous blind spots that may lead to unnecessary inconveniences.  Mostly handy for parking when you need to see what is right in front of the car or maybe for off road driving.

Front Camera vs Dash Camera

Don’t confuse a front camera with a dash camera, though. The main difference between these two cameras is their capability to record videos. Dash cams have this feature while front cams don’t – and you pay a little more to enjoy the recording function.

front camera for cars

Being able to save videos is invaluable in keeping your road trip memories and providing evidence for your accident claims. But the additional cost of replacing your SD cards and the initial amount you shell out for one unit could be a turn-off for dash cams (especially if off-budget).

Meanwhile, front cams provide the same real-time view during your everyday drives. You lose the recording part, but if you’re willing to do away with it, you can get a unit at a fraction of the cost. 

Where can you purchase this front camera for cars?

Added to the line of high-quality VHEDIA car cameras is the 1080p Front Outside Camera. This nifty piece of hardware is designed to improve views from your windshield to avoid hitting obstructions in front of your vehicle. It is an excellent add on for your Vhedia Head Unit.

front camera for cars
Vhedia front camera

Simply mount Vhedia’s front camera for cars on your preferred spot and connect it to your head unit. The camera has solid internal wiring to ensure a consistent signal, and its 1080p resolution provides a clear picture always transmitted to your screen. And aside from working as a front camera, it also functions as a reverse camera if you choose.

Using your Vhedia Front Camera

A Vhedia Front Camera kit includes the 1080p high resolution camera, DC power plug, RCA cable, mounting stick pads and screws. With these, you all have what you need to use the device as soon as possible.

Vhedia Front Camera for cars
Vhedia front camera kit

Get your DC plug sorted out by hooking onto an ACC power source. Then, connect to your head unit’s front camera plug on the camera wire harness. Once done, test if the image shown on your screen is correct.

To set-up your front camera on your head unit, follow these steps:

– Go to SETTINGS and scroll to CAR SETTINGS.
– Input the default password “126“.
– Push on OTHER and choose the time duration your system switches from reverse to front camera.
– You can also turn on the front camera manually via the app.

Our Final Word

As much as we invest in making our vehicles look good, we should also spend on devices that make our drives safer. Vhedia’s 1080p Front Outside Camera might look simple but provides an invaluable tool that makes our time on the road more comfortable and secure. 

front camera for cars
Vhedia front camera

For more cameras for your vehicle, visit our shop here. And, if you plan to upgrade to a better infotainment system, choose from our wide range of head units here

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