make apps perform faster

Make Apps Perform Faster on Your Head Unit

It doesn’t matter if you have a technologically-updated car infotainment system when the apps installed on it run like a sedan on a muddy outback trail. So for this article, we’ll try to give you some simple tips to make apps perform faster – whether you’re using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or an Android-powered head unit. 

Make Apps Perform Faster

Why do Apps slow down?

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, we first appreciate how those mobile applications work. These software programs differ from those applications on your laptop or computer as they are purposed for use only on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or digital watches. 

Through Android Auto, Apple Carplay, or an Android head unit, you can also use these apps inside your vehicle via the media system on your dashboard. 

make apps perform faster

And these apps need a couple of things to function: a stable internet connection to download online content onto your device and ample memory space to store app data and cache. If you lack either, your app slows down dramatically, or worse, grinds down to a halt.

How do I make apps perform faster?

It’s a good thing that there are some ways you can alleviate your app situation:

1. Uninstall or Install updates

An update adds data to introduce new features to your device, slowing down the system. One way to make apps perform faster is to uninstall an update and revert it to its previous version. 

In other cases, though, installing updates that include bug fixes and performance is necessary to get a better (and faster) version of an app. 

To install new updates on an Apple device, go to the App Store, tap Today (found at the bottom of the screen), then click on your profile picture. You will find the pending updates once you scroll down the page. 

On the Google Playstore, click on your profile picture and click on Manage apps and devices. Select Updates available to update an app or install all pending updates. 

2. Declutter your apps

Removing cache, cookies, history, and other temporary data from your apps frees up memory space for newer app content. Thus, a regular “clean-up” can make apps perform faster.

 make apps perform faster

To remove these data in an Apple device, go to Settings, click on General, and then Storage & iCloud Usage. Tap on iPhone/iPad Storage, and you will see the storage space taken up by each app. Once you click Offload App, the temporary data is automatically removed. 

For Android, click on Settings > go to Storage > App Manager > other Apps. Then, look for the specific app. Tap on Clear Cache to clear the data.  

3. Remove the app and reinstall

Taking off from the last item, completely deleting the app frees up significant data storage space for new apps or updates for other apps. Tap and hold an app to quickly delete an app. 

Remember: if you re-download the app, you may need to enter your login details (and other personal data) again. 

4. Use the Lite version of the app

Apps like Google Maps also offer the lite version to cater to devices with limited data storage or features. You will lose features such as offline maps, location sharing, and error reporting, but the navigation app’s primary functions are still present (i.e. live traffic updates, GPS locator, and road directions).

Google Maps Go

Go search the App Store or Google Playstore for the app you’re looking for, and the search results will also come with its “lite version” if it has one.

Our Final Word

Aside from making apps perform faster through the tips we mentioned above, upgrading your hardware could improve your car infotainment experience. A smartphone or tablet with more extensive internal storage will give you more allowance for app content to allow the system to perform faster (and to install more apps!). 

You can also install a high-spec, quality Android head unit that perfectly fits the most popular cars in Australia. Vhedia head units come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage aside from Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility, a plug-and-play install kit, and an OBD2 basic scan tool, among others. 

Sample Vhedia Android head unit

Check out Vhedia’s online store and not just make apps perform faster but give your vehicle a much-needed media system boost! 

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