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Microsoft Teams on Apple Carplay

Microsoft Teams on Apple CarPlay: No Excuse to Miss a Meeting Now

In July 2019, Microsoft Teams has 13 million monthly active users worldwide. After exactly two years, it became 250 million. It’s no surprise that the meteoric rise in popularity of remote collaboration/video conferencing/productivity programs coincided with the continued presence of the global pandemic.

And as more companies begin to adopt (and begin to see the benefits of) the work-from-home set up for their workers, we don’t expect these numbers to come back down soon.

Microsoft Teams on Apple Carplay

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft introduced to the public in 2017 Microsoft Teams (or MS Teams) as the business collaboration branch of the Microsoft 365 group of products. It was designed to provide employees of companies and businesses the ability to set up video meetings, call, chat, and share files among the team. 

MS Teams also branched out to Microsoft’s Education platform to help teachers and students communicate remotely to supplement or as an alternative to face-to-face learning.

Microsoft Teams on Apple CarPlay

MS Teams: Pros and Cons

Users and tech experts have heaped much praise on this software, citing the navigation efficiency and smooth integration with other MS 365 apps such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can also easily customise the software specifications to fit the business needs of an organisation.

However, they also pointed out how you only achieve MS Teams’ optimal performance using other Microsoft products. You may need to familiarise yourself and a bit of practice with the app if you’re not using MS products much before.

Also, the overall “design” of the app may give off a feeling of formality, which may not encourage casual conversation and openness among the team. 

Moving Forward: Microsoft Teams on Apple Carplay

One software just cannot stagnate in technology, or it will be left behind and forgotten. So, Microsoft recently announced that MS Teams would soon get Apple CarPlay support. With this development, you’ll now be able to attend team meetings and business conferences while driving on the road. 

Suppose you’re not familiar with Apple CarPlay. In that case, this software allows you to display compatible apps straight from your iPhone to your head unit — from navigation apps to audio, messaging, and other productivity apps — via USB or Bluetooth connection.

Though Microsoft Teams’ support on Apple CarPlay is limited to audio mode (for obvious safety reasons), Siri will work with the app, so you can use voice commands to navigate through the functionalities and join a meeting or group call.  

Our Final Word: Microsoft Teams on Apple CarPlay

Right now, we are in a world of virtual collaboration and remote productivity. And, this may be the way to go in the future for most enterprises. Therefore, expect apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and Team Viewer to continue to be popular and introduce more innovative solutions, especially to the more mobile workers out there. 

In the same light, Apple CarPlay (and its Google counterpart, Android Auto) has expanded the horizons of our head units. Before, our head units just house the car’s radio. Now, it acts as an extension of our smartphones, completely changing how we see “convenience in driving”. 

So, it is just inevitable that productivity apps such as Microsoft Teams offer support for Apple CarPlay. Things have changed now. The need to communicate and collaborate today goes beyond the office walls and into our homes. And tomorrow, into our vehicles. 

We just hope that you’ve upgraded that head unit of yours in preparation for this transition. If not, better visit a trusted aftermarket head unit provider such as Vhedia. We offer the latest Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible quality head units for a wide range of car models at direct-to-consumer prices. Click on the link, so you can also enjoy a more productive driving experience.

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