Mitsubishi Pajero head unit upgrade

Mitsubishi Pajero Head Unit Upgrade: Getting that Next-Level SUV 

The Pajero is one of the most popular SUVs worldwide – well-known for its off-road capabilities, spacious interior, and reliability. Yet, for all its credentials, can you still take it to the next level? Is getting a Mitsubishi Pajero head unit upgrade the way to go?

Mitsubishi Pajero Head Unit Upgrade

Mitsubishi Pajeros in Australia

Here in Australia, the Pajero is popular among outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy exploring the country’s rugged terrains. Its robust construction and off-road capabilities make it suitable for those random camping adventures while providing comfort and versatility for everyday use. And the Pajero’s impeccable record of safety and durability makes it ideal for the family man AND the weekend warrior in you!

Despite all these, any Pajero owner should know there is always room for improvement in their truck. 

Why get a Mitsubishi Pajero head unit upgrade?

"Yet, for all its credentials, can you still take it to the next level? Is getting a Mitsubishi Pajero head unit upgrade the way to go?"

Consider getting Pajero head unit upgrade for several reasons. Here are a few possible explanations:

Enhanced Features

A new head unit can offer advanced features that may not be available in your current unit. These features might include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, GPS navigation, touchscreen display, voice control, improved audio quality, or compatibility with additional devices or media formats.

Outdated Technology 

If your current head unit is not updated, it may not support the latest technologies or connectivity options. Getting a Pajero head unit upgrade can ensure compatibility with modern devices, such as smartphones or digital media players, and allow you to take advantage of the latest technological advancements.

Improved User Experience 

Newer head units often come with improved user interfaces and intuitive controls, making them easier to operate while driving. Upgrading to a more user-friendly unit can enhance your overall driving experience and make it safer by reducing distractions.

Better Audio Quality

Suppose you’re an audio enthusiast or simply want to enjoy better sound quality in your vehicle. A Pajero head unit upgrade can improve audio processing capabilities, built-in equalisers, and compatibility with high-quality audio formats, resulting in more precise sound reproduction and a more enjoyable listening experience. 

Customisationation and Aesthetics 

A new head unit allows you to personalise the interior of your vehicle. You can choose a unit that matches your preferred style or complements the overall design of your Pajero. Many aftermarket head units have customisable themes, colours, and display options to suit your preferences.

Where to get that Mitsubishi Pajero head unit upgrade?

Mitsubishi Pajero Head Unit Upgrade

VHEDIA exists as it found a gap in the market for quality, full-range vehicle media systems at great prices to replace those old, tired systems or even new basic systems. And this is the case for the Pajeros as well.

We know that your Mitsubishi Pajero head unit should not just provide your quick audio fix but also give you access to today’s vehicle media technology. Thus, more freedom inside your vehicle and a next-level SUV experience!

Vhedia Mitsubishi Pajero Head Units

MT-1720: Mitsubishi Pajero Head Unit 2006-2014 NS, NT, NW

VH-1720A: Mitsubishi Pajero Head Unit 2013-2019 NW, NX

VH-1915: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Head Unit 2015-2019 QE

MT-80099: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Head Unit 2020+ QF

MT-1941: Mitsubishi Challenger Head Unit L200 2008-2016

Mitsubishi Pajero head unit upgrade install videos

Mitsubishi Pajero 2006-2019 NS, NT, NW, NX Head Unit Installation

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2015-2019 QE Head Unit Installation
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