Multivan head unit upgrade

Multivan Head Unit Upgrade: Can your VW Multivan Be More?

The Volkswagen Multivan is a versatile and popular MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) in Australia. It is known for its spacious interior, flexible seating options, and various features that make it suitable for family and commercial use. But could you get more from it? Would a Multivan head unit upgrade help? And is it worth it?

Multivan Head Unit Upgrade
Volkswagen Multivan

What makes the VW Multivan popular?

Aside from it being a reincarnation of the iconic VW Kombi, here are some other reasons why people consider buying a VW Multivan worth the money:

The iconic VW Kombi

Versatile Seating Options
The Multivan is known for its flexible seating arrangements. Depending on the specific model and trim, it can offer various seating configurations, accommodating different numbers of passengers and cargo needs. This makes it suitable for both family use and commercial purposes.

Spacious Interior
The Multivan typically provides a spacious and comfortable interior. Ample headroom and legroom contribute to a more comfortable driving and riding experience, whether using the vehicle for daily commuting or extended road trips.

Multivan head unit upgrade

Quality Build and Materials
Volkswagen is known for producing vehicles with a high-quality build and using premium materials in their interiors. The Multivan is no exception, offering a well-crafted and durable interior that can withstand the demands of daily use.

Advanced Safety Features
Volkswagen prioritises safety in its vehicles, and the Multivan often comes equipped with various safety features. This can include airbags, stability control, advanced braking systems, and more, contributing to a safer driving experience for occupants.

Modern Technology
The Multivan typically has modern technology features, including advanced infotainment systems, touchscreen displays, and connectivity options such as Bluetooth and USB ports. Depending on the model and trim level, you may also find support for smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Strong Performance
Volkswagen offers a range of engines for the Multivan, providing options for different performance levels and fuel efficiency. Whether you prioritise power for highway driving or fuel economy for city commuting, there’s likely an engine option that suits your needs.

Stylish Design
The Multivan often features a contemporary and modern exterior design. Volkswagen’s attention to aesthetics contributes to a vehicle that performs well and looks good on the road.

Resale Value
Volkswagen vehicles, including the Multivan, can have good resale value. The brand’s reputation for quality and durability can make a used Multivan an attractive option for buyers in the secondhand market.

Multivan head unit upgrade

Brand Reputation
Volkswagen is a well-established and reputable global automotive brand. Many buyers trust the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation, which can influence the decision to choose Multivan over competitors.

Suitability for Various Lifestyles
Whether you have a large family, run a business that requires passenger transport, or simply need a versatile vehicle for different purposes, the Multivan’s adaptability makes it suitable for various lifestyles and needs.

Why would a VW Multivan Head Unit Upgrade help?

A factory centre console on your Multivan can only give you so much, to be honest. Why not open up your dash to the latest in-car multimedia technology? How do additional features on your head unit improve navigation, communication, entertainment and more inside your VW sound?

There are several reasons why you should consider a Multivan head unit upgrade today:

Improved Features
Newer head units often come with advanced features that may need to be present in older models. This can include upgraded navigation systems, improved Bluetooth connectivity, support for smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and enhanced audio and video capabilities.

Multivan head unit upgrade

Enhanced Connectivity
Upgrading the head unit can provide better connectivity options, allowing you to integrate your smartphone with the car’s infotainment system seamlessly. This can improve hands-free calling, messaging, and access to music and apps.

Audio Quality
Upgrading the head unit can improve audio quality if you are an audiophile. Some aftermarket head units offer better sound equaliser, equaliser settings and compatibility with high-quality audio formats.

Modern Interface
Newer head units often have stylish, user-friendly interfaces featuring touchscreens and intuitive controls. This can make navigating different functions and settings more straightforward and more enjoyable.

Added Functionality
Depending on the model and features of the upgraded head unit, you may gain additional functionality, such as support for backup cameras, parking sensors, and other advanced driver assistance features.

Upgrading the head unit allows the personalisation of the in-car entertainment system. You can choose a unit that matches your design, display, and feature needs.

Compatibility with New Technology
As technology advances, newer head units are designed to be compatible with the latest devices and software updates. This ensures that your car’s infotainment system stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

Increased Resale Value
Upgrading the head unit with a modern and feature-rich system may enhance the resale value of your Multivan. Buyers often appreciate updated technology and features when considering a used vehicle.

Multivan head unit upgrade

Addressing Issues
Suppose your current head unit is malfunctioning or outdated. In that case, an upgrade can address these issues and provide a more reliable and efficient system.

Entertainment for Passengers
If you frequently travel with passengers, especially children, an upgraded head unit with entertainment features such as video playback capabilities and additional screens can make journeys more enjoyable.

Servicing and Support
Volkswagen offers authorised service centres and support for maintaining and servicing Multivan vehicles in Australia.

How can you get one?

When you’ve decided that you need that Multivan head unit upgrade to get more out of your MPV, VHEDIA has the latest-in-technology Android head unit ready for you!

You’ll quickly have that new, high-level Multivan driving experience packed with high-specification features and an easy-to-install kit. Plus, a fantastic aftersales support team will always be on hand to help you through the process. 

VHEDIA does vehicle media better, so you’ll get more out of your Multivan ASAP!

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