Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade

Need help with a Jeep Wrangler Head Unit upgrade? 

The Jeep Wrangler is a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts in Australia due to its ruggedness, durability, and versatility. It’s also a common fixture on urban highways, given the Wrangler’s (especially the newer models’) sleek design and comfortable interiors. Yet, this vehicle’s most endearing feature to Aussies is its modification flexibility. And a favourite among owners is doing a Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade. 

Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade
Jeep Wrangler

Why do a Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade?

​Getting a new and improved Jeep Wrangler head unit provides benefits that can improve the vehicle’s functionality, appearance, and value. Here are a few below:

Better Sound Quality

Aftermarket head units often have better sound quality than factory units. They may have more power, better digital-to-analog converters, and other features that improve sound quality.

More Features

Upgraded head units may offer additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and smartphone integration. These features can improve the functionality and convenience of the head unit.

Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade
Jeep Wrangler interior

Improved Connectivity

Modern non-factory head units offer better connectivity options, such as support for multiple devices, streaming audio services, and hands-free calling. These features can make it easier to stay connected while on the road.

  1. Enhanced Appearance

Upgrading the head unit can also improve the appearance of the Jeep Wrangler’s interior. Newer infotainment systems often have sleeker designs and customisable features that can enhance the vehicle’s overall look.

How do I get one?

VHEDIA helps you get that Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade by providing quality-built yet value-for-money infotainment systems that open your vehicle to the latest technology – all for more convenience and safety on the road. 

Equipped with the most updated Android operating system, you can access more apps and features by getting a Vhedia Jeep Wrangler head unit. And with a complete install kit bundled in, a new experience awaits you after a quick DIY install!

Currently, here are the available Jeep Wrangler head units on Vhedia’s online shop:

Jeep Wrangler Head Unit 2011-2018 JK JL

Jeep Wrangler Head Unit 2007 – 2010 4 Door

Jeep Wrangler Head Unit 2007 – 2010 2 Door

Jeep Wrangler TJ Head Unit 2003-2007

Jeep Wrangler Head Unit 2019+

Aside from the Vhedia install kit, you can also access Vhedia’s YouTube channel to guide your DIY project:

Or you can contact Vhedia’s technical support team for your questions or concerns regarding your head unit, the installation process or more.  

Our Final Word

Jeep Wranglers are a popular choice for those looking for a versatile and rugged vehicle that can handle the unique challenges of driving in Australia, both on and off the road. And these deserve a head unit upgrade that will open you and your vehicle to more freedom and possibilities on the road. 

If you need help with your Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade, Vhedia is here to improve your vehicle media today!

Jeep Wrangler head unit upgrade
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