4 to 1 Vehicle Camera Switch System


4 Camera inputs into one Video Output with remote control.

  • 4 Camera Switch System
  • View up to four cameras from one video input
  • Works with Vhedia Head Units
  • Wireless Remote to Switch Views
  • Connect different cameras to trigger wires
  • Great for setups with multiple Cameras
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4 to 1 Intelligent 360 Camera Switcher allowing you to view four different cameras on you head unit and change between cameras with a press of a button or set them up so that they are on indicator and reverse triggers.  The switcher can work with any video interface, aftermarket Car DVD or Monitor as long as you have a RCA video input.


  • Four video inputs: Left view, Right view, Front view and Reverse view. There is + 12V power supply for each video input.
  • Four video outputs share with one video input channel with the same power trigger line.
  • When each camera gets power supply from the corresponding trigger wire, the display can show the correct video channel using left and right indicator or reverse gear. When change from trigger the display will show front view for 7 seconds (It’s optional). After 7 seconds video output is in a closed state.
  • Cable colour refers to: 12V power + (Red cable), GND-(Black cable), Left indicator (Blue cable), Right indicator (Green cable) and Reverse Lights (White cable)
  • The product has a built in protection circuit.
  • Comes with wireless remote button that can be stuck where it suits you.
  • Wide voltage VCC 8–16V; If it’s applied in a truck, you can use a 24V to 12V drop down.

Whats in the Kit

  • 4 to 1 Intelligent 360 Video Switcher
  • Remote control
  • Manual