4G LTE USB Head Unit Dongle


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Vhedia’s 4G LTE USB provides you the power to access the internet on the go everywhere even in such remote places with your preferred provider! Works to give your head unit internet just like how your phone works

  • Easy to Install
  • Fast Internet
  • Low Latency
  • Nano SIM Card Slot
  • Small Form Factor
  • Supports Different Provider
  • Covers Band 28 which is Telstras Remote one

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Give your Vhedia Head Unit the Internet

Our 4G LTE USB is designed to enable internet connection while maintaining plan flexibility and, of course, your choice of provider. Easy to install it just plugs into one of the USB ports coming out of your Vhedia Head Unit and gives your head unit direct access to the internet. Not connected over WiFi it is bscally like you have a SIM card in your head unit so it works just like your phone for Data etc. No more need to hotspot your phone to the head unit to allow it access to the internet. 

Easy To Install – Just Plugs into the USB port of your Vhedia Head Unit

Wide Band Coverage – It’s compatible with all popular Australian networks. If you’re going to use prepaid, we recommend Boost because they have great data deals and use Telstra’s entire network. If you already have a plan, you can simply add a sim to it (usually for around $5 per month) and pull data from your current plan’s data pool. 


What providers will this work with?
It will work with all Popular Australian Networks like:
  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodafone
  • Aldi Mobile
  • Woolworths Mobile
  • Coles Mobile
  • Other Networks
What speed does it run at?

It’s capable of running speed up to 150Mbps

How do I install it?

Simply plug it into your Vhedia Head Unit’s USB port and it will connect automatically! That simple!

Will it work with any Vhedia Head Unit?
It is fully compatible with all of our Vhedia Head Units.

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