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BackOrder – These come and go quick so if you keen get in! We cannot keep up. Next lot are due end of June.

A serious battery box built with all quality component’s.  This system has been designed as all in one system so it is easy to install and easy to move around when needed. Allowing you to have power when you are off gird and run all the gear you need and take charge from your vehicle or the sun. Great for Vehicle, Caravan or Marine use.

It has a built in DCDC Charger so you can just plug into your vehicles anderson plug to charge, built in solar MPPT charger so just plug into your solar or use solar blankets, built in large inverter so can run complete caravan or whatever you need to run.

  • Built In 3000w Pure Sine Inverter (6000W Peak)
  • Built in DCDC Charger 30Amp
  • Quality Lithium Cells
  • Built in MPTT Solar Charger 40Amp
  • 2 x Cigarette Outputs
  • 1 x Merit Output
  • 1 x Engel Output
  • 2 x Dual USB A & C Quick Charge Outputs
  • 3 x 240V Power Outlets (10/15 Amp Sockets)
  • 1 x 175 Amp Anderson for jump starting or running two battery packs in parallel for more capacity.
  • 4 x 50 Amp Anderson Ports
  • LCD Display for Capacity & current draw.
  • Bluetooth so can see usage and capacity in app
  • 40Amp AC Charger External to charge when on mains

This is a BackOrder – Also with shipping as this is large (Over 15kgs) sometimes we have to get it dropped at that depot that is closest to you. 

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Battery Box - All in One Benefits

Why we think our battery boxes kick butt and the benefits it can bring to you and your setup!

  • All In One: Not need to get each part of the system this has it all built in and is ready to go.
  • Can remove when not using or transfer to different car vehicle.
  • Move it around when powering caravan/camp site to suit you.
  • Easy to install / Use as all the parts are inside like DCDC charger and you just need to plug it in. 
  • Plenty of grunt for all needs. 
  • All parts are matched to each other and will work out of the box.
  • Saves you time and money getting all gear installed to match. 


There a few models as can be seen in the drop down when you add to car. The difference is just some have inverters and some do not and the only other difference is the capacity of the box (How many Ah). So really the you can choose what suits you needs in terms of capacity and weight/size. If your running two in parallel then you can just choose one inverter version and one non inverter version of same size. 

  • 300Ah with inverter 
  • 300Ah without inverter
  • 200Ah with inverter
  • 200Ah without inverter
  • 150Ah with inverter


Who It Suits

4WD/Camping: Easy to use instead of a dual battery setup just put this in the back and take it out when you are not using it or leave it in there. Easy to move if you want to leave it at campsite etc. Or if you change vehicles you can take it out and move it on. 
Caravans: Pair it up with a RVD safe cheat cable and you have a safe way to give your caravan the power it needs when off gird or stopping overnight. Enough power to run AC, Air Fryer etc. Even run a 2nd one in parallel to give you 600Ah of power.  
Power Bank: Need power on the go to run different things then this will keep you going. Great system for tradies, service workers or anywhere you need to whip out your air fryer to cook a pie. 

The Full Run Down

  • 30Amp DCDC Charger Built in : The DCDC charger built into the unit is quality model made of good components and is rated IP65 with a working temperature range of -40c – 80c. So it has you covered for all the conditions you can throw at it. Running 2 stage automatic charging to ensure the battery is charged correctly and rated at 96% efficiency. Works with smart alternators as it has a DC power input plug for ACC source. 
  • 40Amp MPTT Solar Charger Built In
  • 3000W Rated Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Power whatever you need with 6000w Peak and 3000W rated power from our inverter this will cover most use cases. 
  • 2 x 50 Amp Anderson: Use as you need
  • 2 x USB C & A Plugs: All quick charge to cover all your USB charging needs
  • 2 X Cigarette Plugs: Plug any your normal things that use this plug like fridges etc.  
  • 1 x Merit Plug 
  • 1 x Engel Plug
  • Fan Cooling with Filters: Keeping the unit cool by passing air over the inverter and other components. With filters to keep out the sand and dust.
  • Wireless Charger: Sit your phone on top to charge when needed.
  • Display with Bluetooth: See input and output readings and also see same readings on your phone with the app and built in bluetooth. 
  • Isolator Switch: Turn her off
  • 175AMP Anderson: Jump power source if needed or use it to run two of our boxes in parallel giving you twice the capacity.
  • Mounting Thread with Brackets: Giving you the options to mount it how you want to. 

Whats in The Kit

  • The main battery box
  • Mounting brackets
  • AC 40AMP Charger with forced charge
  • 175Amp Anderson Jump Leads
  • 5m 50Amp Anderson to 50Amp Anderson Cable
  • 5m 50Amp Anderson Solar to 3 x Anderson for solar blankets
  • Anderson Blanks
  • Extra Anderson Plugs
  • Engel Plug 
  • ACC Connection for DCDC Charger

Add Ons

Extra bits and bobs to make our box more useful – Coming Soon

  • Vehicle Anderson Cable kit to add an Anderson plug to your vehicle
  • Remote box with USBs, Anderson Plugs, Cigarette Plugs for running 12V further from box.
  • Remote box with 12V Bus Bar and Anderson Plugs. For running 12V power off it. 
  • Cable organiser to keep all cables running to it nice and tidy.
  •  Smart 240V Switch to turn on and off AC outputs via phone.


What we have on the drop down is all we currently have so there are 5 different models to choose from.


Additional information

Choose Model

300Ah With Inverter, 300Ah No Inverter, 200Ah With Inverter, 200Ah No Inverter, 150Ah With Inverter

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  1. Took it away for a week off-grid. Team the fridge, lights no dramas. Even used a sandwich press and a hairdryer every day. Still came home with 78%. Great all in one system.

  2. Will know more when used with caravan in future

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