Car Charger 3 USB-C Ports 20W

Our Car Charger with 3 USB-C Ports 20W has the feature of a 20W high-powered charger that allows you to charge your smart devices quickly. It has 3 USB-C Ports. It is small in size, has a durable material, and plugs firmly into your cigarette lighter plug.

  • Power Delivery Charging (PD)
  • 60W Max Power
  • 3x USB-C Port
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Soft Light for night viewing
  • Small form factor
  • Durable Material

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Modernize and charge your smart phones in minutes with its Power Delivery features while travelling to ensure it delivers enough power to your smart phones once you arrive at your destination. With its small form factor, it is guaranteed to fit in any vehicle and provides more than enough power. It also has an anti-slip cigarette plug that keeps it secure at all times, whether you’re adventuring or taking a long drive.


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