Vhedia’s Portable Wireless Caravan Wi-Fi gives your caravan the internet access handy these days with multiple devices needing an internet connection. Cara-Fi provides a strong 4G signal, ensuring that everyone has equal access. Installing is simple and setup takes a few minutes.

  • 2.4GHZ Channel
  • Run Multiple Devices Tablets, Smart TVs etc.
  • High Speed
  • 4 Detachable Antennas
  • 3G/4G Wifi Router (Works on All Bands)
  • Plug any Sim-Card in
  • Password Protected
  • Specially Designed for Caravans
  • Cigarette Charger included
  • Boost Sim Card included.

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What's In The Kit & How To Install It

Caravan WiFi is here! Allowing you to connect multiple devices to the network these could include tablets, smart TVS and anything else that requires an internet connection. Just use the sim card provided and it works on Telstra’s full network so good in remote spots. And then plug the unit in and you will have a WiFi network setup that everyone can join. 

Vhedia Caravan Wi-Fi for your WiFi needs and reliability when it comes to having that speedy, only needing your command to access every binge-worthy show with the help of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or if you just want to surf the web, the Cara-Fi covers it all with its widely supported connections mode that ensures every device can be connected and works with the WiFi network these can include things like smart television’s, tablets, laptops and all your other devices that need internet access. 

Vhedia’s Caravan Wifi are designed to install easily and effortless without the needs of an expensive mobile plan. Just use a prepaid plan or add a sim to your current plan. We include a boost sim card as the provide great pre paid plans for data and you can pay as you need or even buy data for 12 months.


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