HD Wireless Forklift Monitoring System


Choose a kit to suit your forklift. All cameras are 1080P HD so the image is clear, they are all wireless so no need to run wires from monitor to camera and we also have the option of battery powered cameras to make the install as easy as possible.

  • Easy to install with wireless options
  • Be safer and more efficient
  • Built tough for the work environment
  • 1080P High Definition – 1080P CMOS image sensor can help you get a clear view during forklift operation
  • 120M Transmission Distance –  Stable signal , up to 120 meters wireless transmission distance
  • Laser Positioning on Fork Camera – Built-in laser positioning line helps the driver to accurately operate the fork, so as to avoid damage to the goods
  • 62° Viewing Angle – Wide enough visual range can help solve blind spots problems
  • Magnetic housing – Easy to mount. Time-saving and effortless.
  • Waterproof & Shock-resistant – IP69K waterproof, dust-proof resistant, durable and fit for forklift work inside or outside
  • Easy Power Supply – No additional power wiring installation, can be powered by external battery.
  • Pinhole Lens on Fork Camera – The glass outside the lens is relatively small, which can protect the lens well and prevent collisions with other objects such as sawdust, extending the it’s lifespan.
  • Mini appearance- The camera is compact and mini in size, and can be easily installed on a slim forklift arm.

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Forklift camera systems have revolutionised forklift operations, setting a new standard for safety and efficiency. With VHEDIA’s 1080P HD wireless forklift camera, drivers experience enhanced visibility and operational ease.

How to choose kit you need: 

Choose what cameras you need we have the options :

  • Forklift Rear Camera (VH-HDW135835MCAI) – This camera is a wireless camera that requires to be powered with a 12-32V input. It also needs to be screw mounted onto the forklift. 
  • Forklift Rear Camera Built-in Battery (VH-HDW135897CAI) – This camera is a wireless battery camera that has its on battery and magnet so you can just stick it on easily to a metal surface. Run time is 12V hours so usually you will get a day operating out of it then put it on charge at end of day. 
  • Forklift Front Camera w/ Laser (VH-HDW135814CI-WL) – This camera has a magnet base and is built tough and mini to be mounted on the inside of the forks. It also has a laser that shows the level of the middle of forks. Can be powered from external battery pack or from 12-32V input. 
  • Forklift Front Camera without Laser (VH-HDW135814CI) – This camera has a magnet base and is built tough and mini to be mounted on the inside of the forks. Can be powered from external battery pack or from 12-32V input. 
  • Rechargeable Battery for Forklift (VH-AC552) – This battery can be used to power the fork lift camera and save you having to run wires in the hoist. Run time is 9-11 hours so you can run two batteries and swap over if need full time operation. 

Choose Monitor you need:

  • Wireless Forklift Monitor (VH-HDW700125QC) – Current option with HD Clear screen that is waterproof. Can view up to four cameras. Needs to be powered by 12-32V input. 

Improved Safety:

VHEDIA’s forklift camera system provides a crucial aid to drivers, offering an extended range of vision and eliminating blind spots. With a wide 62° viewing angle, the camera system ensures that every corner is visible, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety in the workplace. Allowing you to see behind you and also see in front of you when you are picking up loads or carrying loads. 

Stable Signal and Extended Range:

Equipped with a stable signal and transmission range of up to 120 meters, VHEDIA’s wireless forklift camera system ensures uninterrupted connectivity, allowing drivers to maneuver with confidence and precision even for telehandlers or other forklifts that extend further away. 

Enhanced Efficiency:

By increasing visibility and eliminating blind spots, the VHEDIA forklift camera system enables drivers to work more efficiently. With improved visibility, drivers can maneuver and store loads with greater accuracy, minimising the risk of errors and delays. This leads to smoother operations and increased productivity across the board.

Invest in VHEDIA’s 1080P HD wireless forklift camera system today and empower your drivers to work safer and more efficiently than ever before. With its advanced features and reliable performance, VHEDIA is the trusted choice for enhancing safer forklift operations in any environment.

VHEDIA forklift camera with 1080P CMOS image sensor provides a clear view of the route and operation environment. The LED lights also make it clear and easy in different environment to load, unload, transport and store goods at exact position.

The laser positioning line in forklifts solves handling inaccuracies and prevents cargo damages. By projecting a red line, drivers can precisely control forks, avoiding damage to goods and improving efficiency. Additionally, it serves as a warning light during turns, alerting others to stay clear and preventing collisions

Just simply place the magnetic forklift camera on the iron arm, and the camera can firmly attach to the forklift.

Save complex installation procedures, cutting installation costs The wireless forklift camera can be powered by an external battery, with no need for additional power wiring.

Waterproof & Shock-resistant IP69K waterproof, dustproof,shock resistant, durable and fit for forklift to work outside.

VHEDIA 1080P HD wireless forklift camera with magnetic base is very easy to install. It can increase the visibility range of forklift operation and improve operation efficiency. If working with wireless magnet rear view camera, it can monitor both front and rear blind areas of forklifts to avoid collisions and accidents.


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