AI Dashcam Driver Monitoring System


Vhedia’s AI Dashcam Driving Monitoring System features an all-in-one design with integrated 4G/WiFi/GPS and a front view + DMS camera. 

This self-contained device eliminates the need for complex attachments. It includes a 2K front-facing camera that continuously monitors the vehicle’s external driving conditions, offering ADAS functions like lane departure and forward collision warnings. Inside the cabin, it tracks the driver’s status, issuing audible and visual alerts for abnormal driving behaviour. Which can be audible to driver and sent to the web server. 

Compact and aesthetically pleasing, it is easy to install and supports remote monitoring and alerts, enhancing efficient fleet management.

  • Easy to install
  • Alerts recording to server over 4G
  • Driver in cabin alerts
  • AI Learning and Teaching
  • App for calibration and setup
  • 2 x 512gb SD Spaces for up to 1TB recording

Note: For fleet pricing, installs or customising the software please get in touch and we can help you out.

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driver monitoring system

Vhedia AI Dashcam Driving Monitoring System is a compact, all-in-one device with built-in 4G/WiFi/GPS antennas and a 2K front camera. It offers real-time monitoring, ADAS functions, and driver status alerts, ensuring safer and more efficient fleet management. Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, it supports remote monitoring and alerts.

SystemOperating SystemLinux
Operating InterfaceMobile APP/WebUI
Video permissionAdministrator & user setting
VideoVideo inputBuilt-in 2K+Built-in 1080P+External 2*1080P
Video outputPAL: 25 fps, NTSC: 30 fps
AudioAudio inputBuilt-in mic
Audio outputBuilt-in speaker
Record formatSynchronized video & audio recording
Audio compressionADPCM
Digital processingVideo resolution2K/1080P/720P/D1
StorageVideo bit rate64kbps~10Mbps/channel
Audio bit rate32kbps
Storage consumption56~2700MB/(channel*hour)
Disk MediaMicro SD card x 2, max 512GB*2
AlarmAlarm input6 CH
Alarm output2 CH
Interface for communicationRS2321 CH
RS4851 CH
RJ451 CH
WIFI hotspotOptional
G-ForceSix-axis sensorsOptional
SoftwareWindows clientOptional
iOS clientOptional
Power Supplyless than 8W
Standby Power ConsumptionNot Optional
Electrical specificationsOperating temp. & humidity-20~70 ℃, RH 80%MAX
Super CapacitorOptional

All-in-one design, fully function​

Featuring integrated 4G/WiFi/GPS antennas and ADAS/DMS cameras, this all-in-one device offers comprehensive functionality.

Built-in AI algorithm, support ADAS & DMS algorithm​

Supports forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure warning (LDW), pedestrian detection (PD), front vehicle start alert, and distance monitoring warning. The DMS algorithm detects fatigue, distraction, smoking, phone use, no mask, no driver, FACEID recognition, seat belt non-compliance, and camera obstruction. It also offers multi-language voice alerts and customizable AI algorithms.

Built-in 2K front view camera, support WDR for best image effects​

2K front view camera, support ultra-high definition video recording during vehicle driving, record fully details. Support WDR, excellent day and night effect.

Fleet Management​

Vhedia’s Driving monitoring system supports various alarm recordings and features built-in GPS/4G for remote monitoring and alerts. It includes an intercom function, push-button alarms, and supports remote command and dispatch. The built-in G-Force sensor enables post-event analysis to help correct bad driving behaviors, ensuring efficient fleet management.

Advanced hardware design​

The compact and attractive body with large metal lines and multi-sided heat sinks ensures effective heat dissipation and reduced line-of-sight interference. It supports multiple sensors (tire pressure, temperature, weighing, liquid level, alarms, door, seat vibration), 2-4 cameras for comprehensive views, and an AI camera for BSD. It also integrates ultrasonic and millimeter-wave radars for warnings, and OBD (CANBUS) collects and uploads vehicle data for fleet management to monitor performance and violations.

Support iOS/Android phone connection, humanized APP/WebUI control​

This APP supports hotspot, iOS/Android Wi-Fi Direct, no need for an extra monitor, video pre-recording, parameter matching and video playback, etc


Vhedia’s AI Dashcam features an all-in-one, compact design with built-in AI for ADAS and DMS functions. Easy to install, it offers remote monitoring and alarms for efficient fleet management. It is ideal for government supervision, transportation, logistics, and passenger transport, providing intelligent monitoring for trucks, chemical transport, buses, cabs, online vehicles, and ambulances.

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