Ranger LED Headlight Globes – 2011-2014


LED Headlight Globes to Suit Ford Ranger 2011 – 2014

  • OEM Factory Fit Style Fit
  • Easy To Install
  • Quality LED Chips
  • See Better & Be Seen
  • Advance Cooling Technology
  • Plug & Go
  • Factory Beam Focus
  • See Further and Wider
  • Cool White Colour
  • Advance Controller Driver
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Ranger LED Headlight Globes – 2011-2014

Driving at night or in inclement weather with old-style halogen headlamps is a challenge, right? What if we tell you there is a way to BRIGHTEN your driving experience without busting your wallet, and you can do it in 15 minutes?

VHEDIA RANGER LED HEADLIGHT GLOBES replaces your traditional FORD RANGER 2011-2014 headlights with the latest LED technology, so your automotive lighting lets you have that peace of mind on the road. These headlight globes have high-power LED bulbs that match the same beam angle as your factory headlights but will illuminate farther and wider, so you see the road (and the ‘roos) better without obstructing the other driver’s view.  

Meanwhile, an OEM-fit style design ensures you only need to unplug your old globes, connect your new headlights and return them into place. That’s it! Also, don’t worry about burnout. Vhedia LED headlight globes have an intelligent cooling system,  Cree LED chipsets, and aerospace-quality housing, giving you that modern, quality white light for over 30,000+ hours! 

Finally, our globes are CANBUS-ready and will solve error warnings, flickering lights or electronic jamming that are common lighting problems of modern vehicles.  

VHEDIA LED HEADLIGHT GLOBES is the latest in the expanding line of vehicle technology we have in store that, we hope, will help Aussies tackle roads with confidence and style!

Ford Ranger LED Headlight Globes 2011-2014

High Quality - Easy To Install - Advance Cooling - Factory Beam

See Better. Be Seen

LEDTEK lights will provide your vehicle with a much needed upgrade to your standard globes. Allowing you to see better and giving you the modern white colour lights.  

New vehicles now use LED globes in the lights and you will notice the difference we you drive one of these vehicles at night. However older vehicles or lower badge ones are still using the old style yellow halogen lights which are well out of date now and do not provide a great lighting experience at night.

Easy To Install. Quality Build

All our range of LEDTEK globes have been built to OEM standard and also OEM fit. So it is easy as taking the old one out and putting the new one in. 

With a driver on the globe it will ensure if your lights are connected to your vehicles CAN system you will not get any issues. (The CAN system is the network and on newer vehicles this can be linked into the lights)

Small design allows it to easily fit into your head lights with the driver on the cable so it is out of the way. 

Long Life. Clear Light

Our globes are tested to last 30,000 hours so they will last a long time and provide you with that clear modern bright white light. No more blown bulbs! The amount of one headlight working that you see on the road is because of halogen globes that can not last the distance or handle the conditions. 

The design of our housing for the LEDTEK X3 is made to suit Australian conditions and built to last. Made from aerospace quality aluminium and rated to IP68.

Intelligent Cooling System with a quality dual ball fan and a vacuum liquid cooling tube system you can be sure your lights will last and stay bright. Giving you lights you can depend on.

We use Cree LEDs chipsets in our globes as they are a global leader in LED technology. Which ensure we also have a quality light that lasts.

Factory Beam Pattern. Longer and Brighter

Our LEDs globes will match the same beam angle as they factory globes so you do not need to worry about beam creep which is when the beam points up and can be dangerous other drivers as it can point into their eyes. 

However as they are high power LEDs in means the beam will go further so you can see further and also wider to capture the side of those roads (Help spot the roos)

CAN BUS Driver

No need to worry about the error lights or flickering lights as our drivers are built to handle modern vehicles that have the lights connected into the vehicles CAN system.

  1. Are these easy to fit?
    – Yes they are the same as just replacing the factory globe so this usually means just push and turning the factory globe out then you just plug our one in and push and twist it back in. Some vehicles can be a bit tight here so sometimes you need to take battery out just depends on model. 
  2. Will they get hot and will they last?
    – They will indeed last up to 30,000 hours and we have used the latest technology to ensure that they stay cool and last the distance. 
  3.  What is the Warranty and Return Policy?
    – All our lights have a 3 year warranty and if there is any issues we can do an easy return as long as they are still in as new condition. If it is a light fault we will cover all cost and replace asap. 
  4. Are they legal?
    – On this one like all the major brands who sell LEDs the issue is the is no standard for LED fitments as they original light had filament and the new LED does not so technically they do not fit the standard of the original and there is no way around this. This is like many aftermarket things added to vehicles. So we want you to be informed and say these are not ADR approved and cannot be. Narva are leaders in lights and they state this here if you need to have a read. Click Here. 
  5. Will they last? Is the fan ok?
    – We have tested these over and over and even left them loose bumping around and have made sure they are designed to last and suit the Australian conditions. Hence the fan as in hot climates you cannot beat a fan cooling a heatsink to help cool things down. 
  6. I cannot find my ones?
    – Send us a email or give us a call and we will help you out. 
  7. Will they blind on coming traffic?
    – No this is where we spend out time and focus on making sure the beam pattern is the same as the OEM one. You can see in the pictures above where we have compared the two that old one and new one have same pattern. 
  • Pair of LEDTEK lights with plug & Play cables and drivers.
  • Allen key if they are adjustable versions

LED Chips: Cree G-XP Custom LED Chips
Tested Lumens: 10000LM
Colour Temperature: 6500K White
Power: 45W Each LED
IP Rating: IP68
Connector Type: Universal H Type To Suit
Operating Temp.: -40°C ~ 80°C
Housing & Hardwares: Cooling Pipe & Dual Bearings
Lifespan: 30,000 Hours

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