Reverse & Rear View Brake Light Camera – 1080P


Upgrade your caravan, van or truck with our 1080p AHD Universal Dual Lens Camera with LED Brake Light, providing both reverse and rear-view camera functionality. With high-definition video quality and integrated light, this camera offers improved safety and convenience for your driving experience.

  • 1080P AHD High Quality Image
  • Night vision with IR lamp for clear footage in low-light conditions
  • Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux (LED ON) ensures visibility even in complete darkness
  • Reverse Camera 170 degrees for a wide field of view
  • IP68 ensures weatherproof performance
  • 4P connector for easy installation.
  • Backlight Compensation automatically adjusts lighting for balanced exposure.
  • Auto White Balance for accurate colour representation.

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Stay ahead with the latest in automotive technology and ensure a safer journey with our 1080P – Reverse & Rear View Brake Light Camera. Eliminate blind spots and clear visibility even in low-light or pitch-dark conditions. It enhances safety, simplifies parking and reversing, and offers peace of mind while driving. Investing in this technology can help protect your vehicle, your passengers, and those around you during your travels.

Crystal Clear 1080P AHD Resolution: Enjoy vivid and detailed video quality with our 1080P AHD camera. It provides you with a crisp view of your surroundings, ensuring you never miss a thing.

Enhanced Night Vision: Equipped with powerful IR lamps, this camera offers excellent night vision capabilities, even in complete darkness. Say goodbye to blind spots during your nighttime journeys.

Wide-Angle Lens: With a 170-degree lens angle, this camera provides an extensive field of view, capturing more of the road behind you. Enhance your safety with a broader perspective.

Weatherproof and Durable: Boasting an IP68 rating, our camera is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. Rain or shine, it keeps delivering top-notch performance.


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