Reversing Camera App Wireless Transmitter


  • Wi-Fi Connection – Long-range wireless video straight to your phone or head unit app.

  • Magnetic Mount – Attaches instantly to any metallic surface via an extra-strength magnetic base with no hardware needed.

  • Rechargeable Battery – Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, easily charged with the USB power cable.

  • 100% Waterproof – Rated IP69K and can withstand all elements.

  • Night Vision – Great night vision for 8-10 meters.

  • Wireless transmitter

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Reversing Camera App Wireless Transmitter can connect to any backup camera (1080P/ 720P/ D1) and makes it able to be viewed on your mobile device by hotspot; you don’t have to install a monitor.

  • Support multiple types of camera signal input, compatible with any camera (1080P/ 720P/ D1)
  • IP69K waterproof and more durable
  • Transmission Distance (Barrier-free): 60m (196.8ft)
  • Reversing trigger function: when the vehicle is reversing, the APP will automatically display rear view image
  • With reset button
  • Adopt advanced image compression technology to produce a data stream with a high compression ratio, which will be transmitted to the display terminal by WiFi point to point
  • Support both Android and iOS system
  • Simply monitor your driving on the mobile device by our APP, including functions like video display and upgrading the firmware version of the WiFi transmitter.
  • The Android APP also supports photographing, recording and querying on the device.



What are the benefits of installing a WiFi Transmitter System on vehicles?

To observe reverse image without monitors.  

To conveniently monitor reversing parking videos via mobile devices without the need for complicated wirings.

1. Durable IP69K Waterproof Vehicle WiFi video transmitter.

2. Reversing Camera App Wireless Transmitter can be applied to various vehicles by easy installation, supporting 1080P/ 720P/ D1 cameras (up to 1080P@30fps) for diversified needs.

3. Reversing Camera App Wireless Transmitter sender uses a new method of transmission by applying camera self-built hotspot to deliver real-time videos, achieving real intelligent parking without any internet data needed.