Suzuki Swift Head Unit 2019-2020


Suits: Suzuki Swifts From 2019-2020

  • 9″ Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Wireless & Wired Apple Car Play
  • Wireless & Wired  Android Auto
  • Latest Hexacore Processor
  • 4GB Ram & 64GB Storage
  • Latest Stable Android Base Operating System
  • Works with Factory Options
  • Epic Sound Quality with Built in DSP
  • Quick Boot Time
  • Unit has it Own GPS
  • Plug & Play Cable Adaptor Install Kit
  • Trim Removal Tools
  • OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool Included
  • 1280 * 720 IPS Full HD Screen
  • Full Colour & Anti Glare Screen

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This Product :Suzuki Swift Head Unit 2019-2020
TPMS App Sensors External - Tyre Pressure Monitoring
10 Sensor Kit
4 Sensor Kit
6 Sensor Kit
8 Sensor Kit
10 Sensor Kit
USB DAB+ Radio Module
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Suzuki Swift Head Unit 2019-2020

Suzuki Swift Head Unit – Vhedia’s high-quality head unit has the latest Android Operating System installed and includes wireless & wired Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is made to fit seamlessly into your Suzuki Swift and gives you the ultimate in-car entertainment and connectivity solution for your wagon yet retains that ideal factory look.


Our head units are easy to install and come with the adaptor cables set thus they will be plug-and-play and you can have them installed in 1-2 hours. Plus, keep an eye out for other vehicle accessories we included in every Vhedia kit you get. 


All our units use the latest high-quality components like the high-definition anti-glare screen which means you get a fast head unit that boots quickly and offers sound quality that is far superior to the original Swift Head Unit!

Suzuki Swift Head Unit Upgrade

High Quality – Easy To Install – Quality Sound – Factory Look

Wireless Apple Car Play & Android Auto

All our Head Units come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto pre-installed. Both the wireless and wired version so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Apple Carplay & Android Auto allow you to connect your phone to the Vhedia Head Unit with either a wireless or wired connection and display these apps that have been design to allow the best functionality while driving. You can read more about the systems here: CarPlay & Android Auto

Android Operating System

All Vhedia Head Units have the latest stable Android operating system which opens up a wide range of possibilities. 

With Android as a based operating system you are not limited to the Apps you can install or the amount of devices you can connect. So this means your head unit is basically a tablet!

For example you may want to install an Off Road Maps App. Or Use the unit without a phone.

Popular Types of apps are: Offline Map Apps, Music Streaming, Video Streaming, Camping Spot Apps and more

Eze Install Kit

In our kits we ensure that they come with the correct pugs and adaptors you need and also a set of trim removal tools. So the majority of the time a head unit can be installed in under 2 hours. 

The old unit is removed and the adaptor plug kit means you just need to match, plug and play the new cables into the old plugs and you are away. This will allow you to keep factory option such as steering wheel controls, reverse cameras and also if required they will have a CAN box adaptor so can connect into the vehicles information system.

Factory Look & Factory Options

Our kits come with the Adaptor cables and Can bus adaptors when required to ensure you still keep your factory options such as: Reverse Cameras, Steering Wheel Controls, 360 Cameras etc.

Surrounded with a quality plastic frame Facia kit means the unit will slot in and look like it was installed from the factory. Giving you a clean install look that does not stick out from the dash. 

Connections & Add On’s

Our head units are high spec and ready to be expanded with current add ons and future add on’s to come. This means they are running high level components inside giving you a quick system with superior sound quality.  

These include things such as OBD2 Scan Tools, TPMS Units, Battery Monitors, Extra Camera, Dash Cameras.

Digital Signal Processor

Your factory speakers would have never sounded so good! With a built in hight quality DSP chip that allows you to finely control the entire system’s audio output, right down to the exact EQ for each speaker.

This will allow you to compensate for acoustic anomalies in the car, the time alignment, and delays between each speaker. It draws the best quality stereo audio from a system.

The Good Stuff Inside

We get this question all the time. It looks like the same unit for half
the price elsewhere. The reason for this is like any phone or computer the outside can looks the same but the inside is what counts. Take a $300 phone compared to a $1500 phone looks the same but what is inside is much better.

We use quality parts inside that the are the same chipsets as the main brands like Alpine etc. Which ensures we have a quality unit that performs which is what we want as we are an Australian Company with our stock held here in Australia and Australian support so we need and want to provide the best unit to our customers.

Why buy from Vhedia

We are here with stock in Australia and we get some many customer contacting us who have either got a unit that did not work and they never got their money back, they got a unit that is slow or they have a unit that is missing parts for that model.

Reasons to buy from us:

  • Australian Company with Australian Stock.
  • Australian Support just give us a call.
  • High quality units, yes they may be more than others that look the same but it is what is inside that counts.
  • Full install kits with all the things/plugs you need.
  • We are here to support you always!
  • 3 Year warranty just contact us with any issues and we will sort it out.
  • Epic Add ons and apps.
  • Always updating and improving what we offer in terms of hardware and software.
  1. Does the head unit have apple Car Play and Android Auto?
    – Yes all of our units have both of these installed both wireless and wired.
  2. Are the head units hard to install?
    – If you are happy using a screw driver then you can install one of these head units. Most modern cars the dash just pops off and with the correct kit the head unit can normally be installed in under 1 hour.
  3.  What is the Warranty and Return Policy?
    – All our units have a 3 year warranty and if there is any issues we can do a easy return as long as the unit is still in as new condition. If it is a unit fault we will cover all cost and replace asap.  
  4. Can I download apps onto this?
    – Yes you can download most apps that are on the playstore so this can include things like Spotify, Hema Maps etc. 
  5. What is the navigation software? 
    – If you are using Android Auto or Apple Car Play then it will show the maps from your phone. If you are using the unit without a phone then it defaults to google maps or you can install a navigation app of your choice. 
  6. Does the head unit have internet?
    – It has WiFi so it can connect to any WiFi internet or your phones hotspot. If you want to give the unit internet you can use a USB modem plugged into one of the USB ports. 
  7. Im confused Android Auto, Apple Car Play & Android do I need my phone?
    – So to explain this a bit better. Andriod Auto and Apple Car Play is a app that is installed on your phone by default. This can connect to our head units and allows your phone to become driver friendly and display the screen from your phone onto the head unit.  So this will show certain apps and navigation and allow you to do things like voice commands to make it a safer option when driving. Now the Android operating system on the head unit itself is seperate and means that the unit can run standalone without a phone and can install any apps etc. Its like having a tablet or large phone on your dashboard. 
  8. Does the Head Unit have pre-outs to run an amp and sub etc?
    – Sure does there is RCA pre outs for each speaker channel and one for the Sub. 
  9. Does the unit come with a reverse camera?
    – If you vehicle has a factory reverse camera then no the kit will not come with one as our Eze Adaptor Cable kit will allow you to plug into your factory reverse camera. If your vehicle does not have a factory camera then yes the kit will come with a 1080P HD Colour Reverse camera. 
  10. Does it work with Radio & Digital Radio
    – Yes it will work with normal Australian FM and AM radio. If you want Digital DAB+ radio you will need to purchase the additional easy plug in module which is here. The extra buttons on the radio screen have the below meanings:

    TA: Traffic Announcements 

    ST: Stereo & Mono. Mono can be better when the signal is getting weak.
    AF: Is alternate frequencies. This allows the tuner to re-tune to a different frequency providing the same station when the first signal becomes too weak.
    PTY: Some stations put a digital encoding on the program type and you can scan for pre-defined program types like rock, news, jazz, etc.
    Antenna Beacon Icon: After doing the search for a radio station, it will auto save in the radio channel. 

  11. Can I run more than one camera?
    – Yes the unit comes with two camera inputs so one will be for the reverse camera and the other you can use for a front camera or camera on caravan or trailer. The reverse camera will come up when you put the car into reverse and the other camera you will need to access via app on the head unit. Or the other option is we have a master and slave camera switch which you can see here handy for when you want a 2nd camera to show when you are in reverse when it is connected for example caravan or trailer. 

  • Head Unit with Facia to suit your model
  • Eze Install Cable Adaptor Kit
  • Trim Removal Tools 
  • Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool
  • Reverse Camera if Car does not have factory one
  • Android 10 Operating System
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 1280*720 IPS, Full HD, Full Colour and Anti Reflect
  • PX6 Cortex A72(1.8Ghz)+A53(1.4Ghz), 6 Core
  • Samsung 4GB DDR3 Rom & 64GB Storage
  • Wired & Wireless Car Play
  • Wired & Wireless Android Auto
  • Bluetooth 5.0 BC6
  • TDA 7851 Amplifier IC 4-Channel
  • 4 x 50W Speaker Output (4 x 25W RMS)
  • Amplifier Pre Outs with Sub
  • DSP ROHM BU32107
  • Dedicated GPS JS-U710
  • 2 x USBs Outputs
  • DAB+ Available as an extra unit that plugs in.
  • Can Support USB Modem
  • WiFi Support
  • Pre Installed Apps
  • Steering Wheel Control Learning
  • CAN BUS Settings

Android Operating System

The base operating system of Vhedia head units is the latest version of Android. What this means is you have a fully functional stand alone unit in your vehicle. It’s like having a tablet on your dashboard and there are a number of benefits in having this instead of just Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. As it opens up a number of extra options as you are not limited by these system restrictions.


  • Install any app you like. You might want to install an offline map app, OBD2 App like Torque to create custom dashboards from engine data, view tyre pressure sensors, Spotify, Netflix. You name it, you can install it. 
  • Allows you to use the head unit as standalone without a phone: Navigation Google Maps, Video Player, Bluetooth, plus more.

Install Apps: You can access the play store and install most apps that you like. This means you can install apps like Spotify, Netflix, Hema Maps, TPMS Apps, OBD2 Apps so it opens your head unit up to a number of extra options by installing these apps. 

Android Auto Wired & Wireless (Android Phone Owners)

All our head units have built in Android Auto both wireless and wired versions. This means you can jump in the car and it will connect up automatically to the head unit and Android Auto will show. Or you can use the cable and plug it in if you prefer to use a cable version. (Don’t have an Android phone? That’s ok. It also has Apple CarPlay)

Now what is Android Auto? It is basically a version of your phone that is made to be used when driving so it offers a different view than what you normally see on your phone and is more designed to be hands free so you can use your voice to do things like “Call Garry ”. So straight away you will see maps pop up and popular apps like spotify etc. The plus of this is that the head unit will be using your phone’s GPS and data to display the maps and play music. The limiting factor is that only limited apps can be displayed and the apps are a more basic version as they do not want to distract you from driving. Which is why we still have Andriod as the operating system so it allows you to do more than what Andriod Auto can do. You can read more about it here.

Apple CarPlay Wired & Wireless (Iphone Owners)

All our head units have built in Apple Car Play both wireless and wired versions. This means you can jump in the car and it will connect up automatically to the head unit and Apple CarPlay will show. Or you can use the cable and plug it in if you prefer to use a cable version. 

Now what is Apple Carplay? It is basically a version of your phone that is made to be used when driving so it offers a different view than what you normally see on your phone and is more designed to be hands free so you can use your voice to do things like “Call Garry” this allows you to use your phone safely while driving. So straight away you will see maps pop up and popular apps like spotify etc. The plus of this is that the head unit will be using your phone’s GPS and data to display the maps and play music. The limiting factor is that only limited apps can be displayed and the apps are a more basic version as they do not want to distract you from driving. Which is why we still have Android as the operating system so it allows you to do more than what Android Auto can do. You can read more about it here. 

Factory Look & Operations

Our head units are designed to suit each certain model so this means that they come with a frame kit that when it is installed the head unit will look like it was installed from the factory and sits flush in with the dash and does not stick out. 

With the adaptor kits and control boxes our head units will keep all your factory options so your steering wheel controls will still work if you have these. Your reverse camera or 360 cameras will still work and other such factory options. 

Eze Adaptor Kit & Tools

These units are made to be easy to install so anyone can do it and it is a DIY task. The adapter kit the unit comes with will suit your model and year of car so all you need to do is match up the plugs and connect them up. Easy as that! We also include some trim removal tools which will allow you to easily pop off dash parts so you can install the head unit without doing any damage to your trim. 

You will in most cases still need a screwdriver or a socket at times but we assume you will have these tools handy at home. If you do not own a screwdriver we suggest you get someone else to install this head unit for you.

FM – AM – DAB+ Radio

Our units will work straight away with Australian FM and Am radio so you can be listening to your favourite station as soon as the unit is installed. 

If you need DAB+ then this is an extra module that you will need to get from us that you just plug into the back of your head unit and install a clear antenna into your windscreen. 


Our units have their own built in GPS so you can choose what app map you would like to use. By default they have google maps installed but you can install multiple apps and choose what app you would like as the default navigation app for the head unit. These can be Apps like HEMA 4×4 maps when you are off road.

DSP Digital Signal

You would never believe your factory car’s speakers could sound so good! Vhedia’s head unit all have an advanced standalone DSP system built in which means you get epic sound quality and a full range of settings and adjustments, so you can get your vehicle sound setup the way 

you like it to listen to your music the way it should be heard. But it does not just do your music, it will also optimise your voice and microphone so you can hear and be heard in calls clearer with sound processing that will reduce background noise and enhance your voice direction and recognition.

Split Screen

Does what you say, allowing you to see two things at one time. For example, this could be maps in one half and your music in the other half. All apps and features can use this split screen function.Factory Controls & Accessories


Extras and add-ons you can connect what you want! Our systems are built to be the command centre of your vehicle so that all your extra devices and accessories can display the data on your Vhedia head unit so that you do not need to have multiple screens or things attached to your windscreen adding clutter to your vehicle’s dashboard. 

This can include:

  • Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tools allowing you to view live data from your car’s ECU, create custom dashboards to display on your head unit and allowing you to check and clear engine fault codes. All our units come with a bluetooth OBD2 scan tool included
  • Bluetooth TPMS allowing you to have live view of your vehicle’s tyre pressures and set alarms if issues arise.
  • Reverse Camera if your car does not have a factory one, you can install one and connect it to your head unit, so you have a rearview camera (you can use wired & wireless). You can even use multiple cameras so one on car and one on caravan.
  • Dash camera add a front-facing dash camera that you can view and control from your head unit. Record that video footage for when you need it.

Video Series

Overview Head Unit

Example Install Video

Apple Car Play Setup

Android Auto Setup

Downloading Apps

OBD2 Scan Tool

User Interface


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