TPMS App Sensors External – Tyre Pressure Monitoring


TPMS External Sensors that will work with our TPMS app on our Head Units allowing you to monitor tyre pressures and temperatures on up to 10 Tyres. This can be on your vehicle and your caravan.

  • Easy to Install External Sensors (We have internal sensors as well if needed)
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Wireless Live Tyre Pressures & Temps on our Head Units
  • USB Plug in Receiver
  • Repeater Available if using on Caravan, Trailer or Long Vehicle
  • Set Alarms & Get Auto Warnings for Pressures and Temps- Please choose the drop down how many sensors you are after. (The next number below that is number of kits so this will just be 1 as for example that is 1 x Kit of 4 sensors if you had chosen 4 as number of sensors.)
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Introducing our TPMS External Sensors, the perfect solution for monitoring your tyre pressures and temperatures effortlessly. These sensors seamlessly work with our TPMS app on our Head Units, enabling you to keep an eye on up to 10 tyres across your vehicle and caravan.

Installation is a breeze, and with replaceable batteries, you’ll enjoy long-lasting performance without the need for frequent replacements. Receive real-time wireless tyre pressure and temperature data on our Head Units via the USB plug-in receiver.

For those towing caravans, trailers, or driving long vehicles, our system offers a repeater option to extend coverage. Customise alarms and receive automatic warnings for tyre pressures and temperatures, ensuring a safer journey.

Elevate your tyre monitoring experience with our TPMS External Sensors, your trusted companion for safer and more efficient travels.

Quick Installation & Setup

If your order a 4 sensor kit then you will just get the sensors and a receiver and 6+ sensor kits will come a repeater as well. 

Step 1: Plug the USB receiver into one of our head unit USB plugs coming out of our head unit. 

Step 2: Install the app from the link we provided.

Step 3: Screw the sensors onto the tyre valves of your tyres and make sure you are reading pressures on the app. 

Step 4: Everything should be ok take the car for a drive and make sure pressures update and then you can follow the instructions in video or manual to set

Step 5: If you have a kit with a repeater then you will need to set this up near the hitch on the caravan with a 12V power source. We suggest taking it from trailer plug and we also include a 9V battery clip so you can just do a rough test setup to test that range is ok before you mount and hard wire it. 






TPMS App Download

Version 1.0.8 1106 – Click Here To Download

Additional information

Number Of Sensors

2 x Sensors Only, 4 Sensor Kit, 6 Sensor Kit, 8 Sensor Kit, 10 Sensor Kit

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  1. work good so far

  2. Excellent product

  3. Super easy instructions and helped me discover my spare tyre is flat 😄

  4. Work well, all good.

  5. Bit long to sink up with sensors. Took 3 goes. All good now

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