Universal Steering Wheel Controls – Round


Control your Vhedia Head Unit wirelessly and hassle-free with our Wireless universal Steering Wheel Controls. Allowing you to control your head unit with ease while driving!

  • Battery-powered with common CR Batteries
  • Small factory with stick On-Pad
  • High-Quality Material
  • Easy Installation along with detailed instructions
  • Mount it wherever you like
  • Assign each button easily and differently with our already installed app
  • No wires, just wireless
  • Australian Support
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The minimalistic design of the Vhedia Universal Steering Wheel Controls provides an aesthetic look within your steering wheel and hassle-free easy installation, allowing you to have the most versatile control feature along with your Vhedia head unit. It enables you to control your car head unit wirelessly from the palm of your hand, whether it’s changing stations, playing your favorite songs, or rocking the volume up and down!


Assigning buttons has never been easier!

How these Universal Steering Wheel Controls Work:

Step 1: You will mount the receiver behind your Vhedia Head Unit can connect it to wires in the main harness: ACC (Red Wire), GND (Black Wire), Key 1 (Brown or Grey Wire), Key 2 (Brown/Black or Grey/Black wire) wires. This will give the receiver power and connect it to the head unit for remote control.

Main Harness Colour Wires – Steering Wheel Receiver Colour Wires:
Acc (red) connect to Red Wire
GND (Black) connect to Black Wire
Key1 (Brown or Grey) connect to Orange
Key2 (Brown/Black or Grey/Black) connect to White

Step 2: Use your two button controls and make sure they are working fine before you sure up connections and program them for what you want each button to do. See video: 

Step 3: Choose where you want to stick your two controls. This does not have to be on the front of the steering wheel. Some other options are: On Dash close to wheel, On Back of steering wheel, up in sun visor area.


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