Vhedia OBD2 Scan Tool Suits Head Units


Check why your engine check light is on and diagnose where the fault is coming from. 

Clear this engine check light.

See it easily on the big screen with live dashboards!

  • Works with VHEDIA HEAD UNITS
  • Retrieves engine fault codes and clears engine check lights.
  • Check the performance of your car (BHP, 0-60).
  • Latest Bluetooth for easy wireless connection and faster speeds.
  • Password/Pairing Protected.
  • Easy to use.
  • 12-Month Warranty.
  • Australian Support.
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Check Engine is On? Faulty Codes?

The VHEDIA SCAN Bluetooth is our OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool that has been designed to provide you with the best experience and ease of use when obtaining data from your vehicle and checking and clearing your engine check light. With a high-quality micro-chip manufactured in the United States (rather than a cheap clone), multiple protocols, and a small size, it is the ideal OBD2 scan tool for viewing all of the engine data that your vehicle can provide.

The VHEDIA SCAN protocol, a Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool (Car Scanner) works by plugging into your car’s OBD2 port and reading data from various sensors. This port is located within 50cm of your steering wheel (look below the steering wheel and above the pedals; it may be hidden behind a plastic cover) and is easily accessible.

You can figure out why the annoying check engine light keeps flashing and then fix the problem to clear the check engine light. Keeping you from having to go to the mechanic and pay $100 for them to tell you that there was dust around your fuel flap door, causing your car to believe it was open (all too common problem).


Troubleshooting Connection Issue

Displays Live Dashboad through your VHEDIA HEAD UNIT

• Engine RPMs
• Calculated load value
• Coolant temperature
• Fuel system status
• Vehicle speed
• Short-term fuel trim
• Long-term fuel trim
• Intake manifold pressure
• Timing advance
• Intake air temperature
• Air flow rate
• Absolute throttle position
• Oxygen sensor voltages
• Associated short term fuel trims
• Fuel system status
• Fuel pressure – Plus many more!

Key Features

  Wireless Bluetooth scan tool scanning tool that supports all OBD2 protocols
• Compatible with OBD II compliant vehicles. 
• 3000 fault code definition database
• Create custom dashboards with live data*
• Turn off your engine check light
• 16-pin socket plug and play

Use Cases

  1. Great tool that saved me $$ and a trip to the shop. Was unsure what the check engine light meant. Plugged in the OBD-AUS scan tool and it told me low voltage on the MAF sensor. So replaced this part and cleared check light and all is good.
  2. Handy to have as was out in the middle of no where and the check engine light came on and put vehicle into limp mode. Check what the fault code was and helped me sort out the issue and then clear the fault code to get out of limp mode and carry on my trip.
  3. Always have this on with extra gauges showing so I can keep an eye on things like oil temp and trans temp when towing on long journeys and in hot places as want to pick up any issues before they happen.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Will it work with my car?

If you have a VHEDIA HEAD UNIT installed in your car, yes it is full OBD2 and it will work with your car. If you want to replace your old head unit and modernize your car, browse through our head units

How do I install it and get it to work?

All cars have a diagnostics port (OBD) and if your car is OBD2 it has to be within reaching distance of the steering wheel. Look under the steering wheel and above your pedals and you will find it. 

Can I leave it plugged in?

Yes you can leave this OBD2 Bluetooth device plugged in*** as it has small power usage when in sleep mode. However if you are parking your car up for a month or more we suggest you take it out.

Will it clear my engine fault and tell me whats wrong?

Yes it will do both of these it is a OBD2 bluetooth scan tool. In the app you just click on check engine faults. It will then come up with code like this P0171 – Oxygen Sensor. So you know the problem is with the oxygen sensor and then the best thing to do is google the code and your cars year and model. e.g. Need to access all systems and clear/check other faults like ABS and Transmission then check out our full system scan tool here.

Do I need internet connection for this ?

No, since the app is already installed within the head unit if not you can download it through the playstore but will require internet.

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  1. When ordering the head unit, I forgot it comes with a OBD2 scan unit and ordered another. Not to worry I now have a spare and the scanner is working fabulously.

  2. Works great

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