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Smart Reply on Android Auto: In-Car Messaging Made Easier

This article will talk about an exciting driving development coming to cars in 2022 – Smart Reply on Android Auto.

The promise of a more convenient and safer drive is the promise Android Auto has built on since its inception in 2014. The system’s features include enabling drivers to ‘listen’ to text messages (as Google Assistant reads it aloud). Then, you can choose to reply by dictating your message to the same AI program. 

smart reply on Android Auto

Aside from assisting messaging while on the road, drivers also get to make or receive calls, access mobile phone apps like Waze, Google Maps and Spotify, and arrange your appointments with a touch of your head unit screen or even hands-free!

All these enhance your driving experience while keeping your eyes on the road. 

What is Smart Reply on Android Auto?

Smart Reply on Android Auto takes all those mentioned earlier on-road messaging features up a notch. When Google releases the update in early 2022, users can now send pre-constructed messages to respond to texts received while driving.

If someone asks you, “Are you on your way?” you can quickly send a generic reply of a “Yes”, “No”, or “On my way” with a touch of a button on the screen. The feature goes further with custom messages you can curate beforehand or during the conversation.

smart reply on Android Auto

You might have encountered Smart Reply as a feature on smartphones, on apps such as Gmail, Google Messages, and Google Chat.  What makes Smart Reply a bit more remarkable is that it comes up with suggested responses not just from the last message you received but from the context of the entire conversation. 

This means that the system recognises the language (it is limited to English) and comes up with a response apt for the flow of the message exchanges. Currently, the Smart Reply model takes up to the last ten messages and gives the best reply suggestion to the conversation. 

It is an impressive upgrade from what most of us have encountered before and makes Smart Reply on Android Auto more relevant and helpful to drivers on the road. 

Our Final Word

Many drivers are understandably excited about the arrival of Smart Reply on Android Auto. While waiting, we think it’s a good idea to partner these excellent features with a reliable head unit.

Vhedia offers high-quality Android head units equipped with the latest vehicle media technology and Android Auto compatibility. It’s straightforward to install that you’re sure to have a different in-car entertainment experience in no time. Check the virtual shop now!

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