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Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia Head Unit Installation

In this article, we’ll give you a guide on how to do a Toyota Prado 2017-2021 Vhedia head unit installation. Before we start, though, you might need these tools on hand: Flathead screwdriver Electrical tape Bolt remover Masking tape Factory head unit, airconditioning and frame removal Attach some masking tape along the side of the […]

Head Unit Cables

Vhedia Head Unit Cables – What Goes Where?

Included in all Vhedia head units on stock are the head unit cables Before we get into sorting out what head unit cables go where, you need to uninstall your head unit first. The best way to do this is to search YouTube for video guides for head unit installation for the particular car model […]

Toyota 70 Series

Toyota 70 Series 2009+ Head Unit Installation

Vhedia Touch Screen So you’ve bought the Toyota 70 Series 2009+ head unit from Vhedia. Now, it’s time to change up your factory dash, DIY style! Here is our head unit installation guide: Turn the engine off and remove the battery connection. Pop off the facia using the removal tools included in the kit. Unplug […]

Jeep Patriot

Vhedia Jeep Patriot Head Unit Install

Install Android Auto & Apple Carplay Installing a Vhedia Jeep Patriot head unit is so easy that this can just be your DIY weekend project. Here are the simple steps to do it: Using the audio removal tools included in the installation kit, slowly pry open the sides of your current head unit until the […]

Head Unit Installation Made Easy

Installing Head Units Made Easy – DIY your next head unit installation So, you’ve grown tired of your old head unit. You (finally) realised that the features of your stock car stereo are so outdated from the advanced features on head units that are coming out today. It has no touchscreen, no multimedia player, no […]

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