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DAB + Digital Radio

DAB+ Digital Radio: Vhedia Head Unit Add-On

In this article, we’ll discuss how to install the DAB+ digital radio module onto your Vhedia head unit. I. Adding the DAB app to your head unit display Plug in the USB port of your Vhedia head unit the DAB installer included in your kit. On your device, go to APK Installer and click USB. […]

Apple Car Sample

An Apple Car is Not so Farfetched

Apple has been at the forefront of tech innovations since the company was founded in 1976. Since then, the mantra followed by its founders (the Steves: Jobs and Wozniak) was to make technology user-friendly and accessible. We can see it from the Apple 1, Macintosh, and the iMac before, to the iPod, iPhone, and MacBook […]

Android Auto Games

Android Auto Games: “Hey Google, play a game”

What is your go-to solution when you’re bored during a long ride? Eating? Play your favourite tunes? Listen to a podcast? Now, playing Android Auto games while on your vehicle is now possible!  Google Assistant Games Earlier this year, Google announced major upgrades to their car infotainment system platform that runs via Android Auto. What […]

Wilson Parking App

Finding a Parking Spot Made Easy – Sign me up now!

Part of the trouble of owning a vehicle is finding a parking spot for it. We all had those moments where we end up late to our appointment just because we can’t find a place to park our car. And you just wish you had a way to reserve a spot in advance to avoid […]

Drowsy Driving

How Preventing Drowsy Driving Saves Lives

General sleepiness and fatigue while on the road characterises drowsy driving. Its symptoms range from constant yawning, wandering thoughts, to total loss of focus. Drowsy drivers also experience “micro-sleeps” – drifting in and out of sleep for about 3 to 5 seconds without knowing it. And road mishaps happen in those moments where you lose […]

Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps

Why You’ll Need the Sygic Offline Navigation App?

Ever had that time when you’re off-roading, and suddenly lost your internet connection? And now you’re stuck with an actual map (I hope you have one in your glove compartment) and a lamp to navigate back to the main highway. Quite a story to tell your mates – if ever you get back in time […]

iOS 15

How will the iOS 15 update improve driver safety?

The iOS 15 update comes to your iOS devices this September, and it holds promising safety news for drivers using Apple CarPlay.  Since its announcement in June this year at the WWDC, this new iPhone operating system has created quite a buzz among tech and Apple fans alike. There are the redesign and feature updates […]

Apple Carplay

Use Apple CarPlay on your Vhedia Head Unit

Do you want to use Apple CarPlay on your head unit? Well, compatibility with the program comes built-in on all Vhedia head units. Now, connect your iPhone to your head unit, either by using a cable or via Bluetooth. To connect via Wireless On the head unit main screen, click on the Bluetooth icon. Then, […]

Android Auto Interface

Connecting Android Auto to Vhedia Head Unit

Wired & Wireless Vhedia head units come with built-in compatibility with Android Auto. After you install the Android Auto app on your mobile device, all that’s left is connecting Android Auto to your head unit- either through wired or wireless connection. This can be tricky for some of you. So here are the steps that […]

Vhedia Head Unit Radio

Vhedia Head Unit Radio Setup

Setting up your Vhedia head unit radio is pretty straightforward. Depending on your vehicle, the kit may come with an antenna adapter to help you get the device to pick up radio signals Here are some tips to get you going: Access your head unit radio by clicking the Radio icon on your main screen. […]

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