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1080p Reverse Camera

Vhedia Aftermarket Reverse Camera Installation – 1080p AHD

Every Vhedia head unit kit comes with a quality 1080p HD reverse camera ready. So, whether your vehicle has a factory reverse camera or not, we’ll give include one in your package. The only thing you could worry about is the aftermarket reverse camera installation. Don’t worry, though. We got this covered for you. Aftermarket […]

Reverse Camera

A Brief Guide to Reverse Cameras

The invention of reverse cameras is one of the most important automotive innovations in recent years. Also known as backup cameras, it is one accessory we feel at the start you’d be like, “do I really need it?”. Then, once you start to use it, this just becomes part of everyday driving (mainly in backing […]

Best reverse camera for caravans

Best Reverse Camera for Caravans

In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to select the best reverse camera for caravans. If you want to get some tips on what to look for in reverse cameras and find out why you need to install one now, then we’re here to back you up (Get it? Backup? Like the camera…). Anyway… What […]

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